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Basic Sales Training being offered Online

Many clients keep asking us about having training and information online for the flexibility and timing they want. And, the lower costs of having a proven training process allows for the individual or team to learn at their pace rather than a seminar leader.

So one of the first offerings we have placed online is Basic Sales Training. Again, we designed it with our customers in mind by providing three different versions to fit your needs at the highest level. Here are the three versions…

  • Fast Track Basic Sales Training – for the “newbie” or “promoted to sales” sales person. The Fast Track sessions are just what the title indicates – a fact track to learning enough to be capable of successful selling. 21 major principles are presented to show the individual “How to Sell Well.”
  • Basic B2B Sales – Designed for the sales person moving into selling larger “corporate” type of accounts. You learn the differences between selling to consumers or one decision maker companies to the more complex, multiple call committee or group sell. Explore the thinking and strategy side of B2B Sales.
  • Basic Sales Training Course – a comprehensive and proven sales training course providing the sales person with all the sales skills and techniques needed to compete with anyone in sales. A true Professional Sales course delivering not theory but proven “how to sell” techniques and tactics you can use immediately.

Check out this short video to learn more about our sales training site. Be sure to share it other people who need sales training for themselves or their organization.

How To Chose Your Basic Sales Training Online.

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Everyone is in Sales

UGHHGH.   Many people cringe at the thought of having to “sell” something.   Many others cringe at the thought of being “sold” something.

But in reality, we are all in sales.  Teachers sell ideas, knowledge, and creativity.   Parents sell values, security, discipline, and legacies.  Film writers and actors sell suspense, escape, and entertainment. Bosses sell work habits.  Furniture sales people sell furniture and comfort.  Starbucks sells coffee and loyalty.  Disney sells an experience.  Human Resource managers sell policies and employee culture.  Politicians sell, well …good politicians sell integrity as well as safe and sound government.

Don’t fear being in sales.  The key is to believe in what you are offering.

Is the Recession Coming to a Close?

I ask this question each week as a form of reality check. If I answer with a “huh?”, then I know it is not over. This week I had a different answer, so something must be up – or – over – or – coming to a close.

You see this week my answer contained five signals that things must be improving on the home front and maybe I should begin to prepare for an improved business future. So, what were my signals or triggers that got an answer to my question this week? Here are the five things:

Getting the Officials to Close the Deal Now.

The fourth strategy is to get the officials to call the game early and close the deal now. Using a football game analogy, this is the same strategy that football teams take to kill the clock by having the quarterback take a knee and have the clock expire. Another analogy is the 10-run rule in softball whereby the official calls the game over since one team is leading by more than 10 runs after a certain number of innings have been played.

How to “Burn the Clock Faster” to Close the Sale

Okay, the third strategy to closing the deal when you are ahead is based upon learning how to burn the clock as fast as you can to close the deal. This means you remain in contact with your customer and influencers and coaches during the end stage of the sales process.

Be available to answer questions. Treat each question like it could be a deal-breaker, because it could be a deal-breaker if you ignore it. The key here is to listen to every question, listen to what is said, listen for what is not said that should have been said based upon your experience. Ask clarifying questions to gain a true understanding of issues or concerns held by your customer.

Using the Same Plan to Close the Sale

The second strategy for the sales person who is ahead in the sales process is to continue to use the same game plan that got them to this point – all the way to the end. In fact, this plan will work most of the time unless the sales person gets too aggressive with certain people in the customer’s organization. Aggressive or assertive styles will get you ahead in many situations, this style will become too risky in the end game of selling.

The key for a sales person’s success is to continue to focus on the goal of the customer winning. This focus on the customer rather than on you – will allow for continuity of actions. These actions should always be focused on the customer’s  improvement and growth. Focus and clarity of actions will keep you error-free during the end game of the sales process.

Three Keys for Successful Growth

During these time of downturn, it is not acceptable to stop thinking and acting on growth opportunities. The time is ripe for Growth. And, Growth Opportunities are all around us. It is a time to focus on the three things that create steady, consistent and profitable growth. There are three keys to these type of growth.

  1. Leadership – the ability to focus on the future and relate it to present day action plans; clarify the vision with everyone in the organization, motivate a culture for growth and make the right (and tough) decisions to ensure the success of the whole.
  2. Technology – the ability to maximize productivity; to have reporting systems that alert you to potential issues; to allow people to use their minds for higher level results; and to create a customer experience that exceeds all expectations of service and contact.
  3. Sales & Marketing – the ability to coordinate two diverse units into one representing the best interests of the company and the customer; to develop an ongoing lead generation system; to sell using the same message or intent across the company; and enable the company to grow faster than the competition – as well as helping their customers grow.

Each of these three keys for growth will need to be discussed individually. Check back over the next three days and read more about each key. This information was compiled through research and actual experience of working with companies over the past three decades.

Finally one last thought. While the focus of this post is on companies and organizations – it also applies to individuals who want to grow and develop. It is easy to see the correlation of each key and how the three steps can be applied at the individual level. There will be a future post outlining these traits for individuals.

Becoming a Sales Superstar – Step 4 – Industry Knowledge

The fourth step to becoming a sales superstar is having superior Industry Knowledge. Again, the top sales people understand this and use it as an advantage against the average sales competitor. I have seen many of the top sales people use this resource of knowledge to out flank a competitor or to show a customer or prospect a better method to improve performance – using their knowledge of the industry.

There are several reasons that a sales person should master industry knowledge particularly in the world of B2B sales. The four biggest reasons are:

Becoming a Sales Superstar – Step One – Continuous Learning

Okay, one of my favorite topics is sales. Now I’m not one of these blowhards that tell you I started selling as a young boy and became an over night success. No, I missed that fast track! In fact, I had to learn how to sell. At first, I had no clue as to what I was doing, no plan, no guide, and most importantly – no understanding of how selling worked – selling well that is!

Then I attended programs at my first job – the banking industry – and we had a very aggressive business development priority. Now, I’m talking about bankers – some of whom felt selling was beneath them. I attended a required class (singular) and was told that I had to make three customer calls – face to face – every quarter! Talk about pressure – what you don’t know is amazing sometimes. Believe it or not I found my way into the top three for business development for several years. I now know this was a case of luck and really enjoying the customer interaction not selling skills or understanding the sales process.

I really did not understand selling until I went to a four day sales training program. It totally opened my eyes as to what could be and should be in the world of selling. I now had to learn how to sell well if I wanted to survive.

One of the key instructors also talked about the need for continuous learning. He referred to listening to tapes, reading sales books and other business books that related to things I wanted to understand. This was really a turning point in my sales career and professional career as a business advisor.

Action is the Only Strategy during Economic Downcycles

I have recently been talking to CEO’s and Key Corporate Officers about the current economic conditions and how their results are during this time. After listening to all the different opinions one thing jumped out for me. The more successful companies and individuals were the ones that were taking focused and clear action. The ones who really in bad shape were taking the “Field of Dreams” approach – wishing and hoping that someone will come and buy what they offer!

Okay, so taking action should be a no-brainer for everyone in business. Well, it is not so according to the number of people that I meet and talk with on a daily basis. This is why I am writing about this subject today. Get out and touch someone – now!

There are several reasons for taking action. First, it keeps you focused and on target for getting results. Results are still the name of the game and if you are doing things that have no value added results – why do them?

Second, by staying in close contact with customers you can learn about opportunities that are coming up and work for positive results. I still believe that 70% of sales are made because you are top of the mind with the customer. The old saying – “out of sight is out of mind!” is more true today than ever before. Get out and visit or call – show interest in your customers and prospects.

Third, taking action today sets up the future for you – when the economy comes back and budgets are again opened up. Preparation is about taking focused action to develop the relationships even when things are not so great. People who make the big decisions are impressed by the people that care about them – in good and bad times. This action separates you from the “glad handers” who only show up to make a sale – when times are good.

Finally and most importantly, by taking action you feel good about YOU. Nothing works better for building personal esteem than accomplishment – getting results and doing positive things. Taking action is the number one catalyst for improving how you feel. When your attitude is positive, you attract additional opportunities into your life. Thus, the opportunity to succeed when others are flat or declining.

Remember another old saying – “When the going gets tough, the Tough get going!” Well, this one saying summarizes all that has been written in this post. We are in tough times and our responsibility to others, family and yourself is to take positive, focused action for results.