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Inner Game of Selling is About Beliefs and Mindsets

The Inner Game of Selling holds the key to a sales person’s real success. What the sales person is thinking about positions as a winner or a loser – depending upon the dominate thoughts. Since your thoughts control the inner game, they set the stage for your ultimate performance – good, bad or indifferent.

So how do beliefs enter into this discussion?

Beliefs are the thoughts that get placed into the subconscious mind. This is important because the experts in human performance have found that the subconscious mind actually controls most of what we do, say (particularly how we say things), word choices and decisions. And, the most alarming thing is – the subconscious mind just follows the orders of your thoughts – without judgment. Therefore, good and bad thoughts are embedded into our subconscious mind. Then words and actions are pushed out as commands with both good and bad results!

The cumulative effect of our beliefs create our mindset about everything – including our abilities as a sales person. I have heard more than once, people in sales state – “I hate sales or I hate selling.” What a mistake. The “I” makes this statement a direct command to the subconscious mind therefore placing real power behind the statement.

If you want to excel in sales (if you are in sales this should be a primary thought) then you must take control of your thoughts, self talk, and concentration of thinking about sales or selling. Make this a commitment to your success.

Now if you have not be paying attention to the quality of your thoughts and you feel that something inside is holding you back from superior performance, you may need some focused attention. There are three things you can do:

Selling is a Game Rather than a War

Sales is really just a game rather than a war. If we look at sales as a game, maybe we could enjoy the process more, increase our morale, and find more success than ever before. Let’s take a look at the differences of selling as a game rather than a war.

First, as a War someone dies! This is not a good thing. If selling is a war then who dies? Do the Generals know that they are sending off the troops with a high casualty count? If war is a young person’s battle, then are only young people allowed to sell? What happens to the older sales people?

I know that sales (and Marketing) are treated as a war like subject. In fact, one of the best marketing book series was written by a Japanese consultant that actually used a process created by a British genius to show how to win a battle. His theories are still used in the War Colleges in the USA and Great Britain. Using these theories, Japanese used them to take over market after market from the US and other countries in major industries.