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Becoming a Sales Superstar – Step 10 – Confidence

This is the final step in becoming a sales superstar. Actually, the real question is: “Is Confidence really the First step rather than tenth?” There are several reason for Confidence being the first step and like wise there are several reasons it is the tenth. No matter which side of the debate you are on – Confidence is the lead element in your ultimate success.

Becoming a Sales SuperStar – Step 8 – Creative Problem Solving

The Eightth Step in Becoming a Sales SuperStar involves Creative Problem Solving. The key word is “Creative.” Most problem solving is by the book or problem solving by first thought. Or the least effective problem solving, by taking an internal point of view (what’s best for the company) without any thought or discussion as to the impact on the customer.

Okay, here are the pitfalls I have seen in sales situations. First, the problem is discovered and the sales person states – that’s not our policy and ends the conversation. Bad move. This action just shows the customer that the sales person is lazy and inflexible to discuss possible solutions. By the way, large account prospects will test how flexible and customer oriented you are by giving you a problem solving test during the mid-stages of the sales process. They will ask how you would handle such unique or different type of requests – just to see how you handle it! If you are not willing to discuss the issue, show a solution attitude to the process, then they know you are just a talking head with no depth or flexibility. They want to know what you would do early – before they are committed to you – are you customer oriented or just following the rules of your company?

Think like an Owner – Step 7 to Becoming a Sales Superstar

This is the one step that could be titled “Think like an Owner” “Coordinating Results” or “Customer Satisfaction Goals”. There are important information and processes to follow with each of the three titles. Yet, I choose the Think like an Owner because it encompasses all three.

So what does “Think Like an Owner” really mean? An owner is fully committed to their business. The Owner has to balance all the functional areas of the company to get the best results. An Owner depends upon their customers to stay in business. And, decisions must be made for the overall good rather than personal agenda. All of these factors are supported by the superstar sales people.

So the Sales Superstar connects all the dots and builds a business rather than just making a sales. Too many sales people only focus on “making the sale” and little else. So what do the sales superstars do?

Becoming a Sales Superstar – Step 6 – Listening

Closely related to the Questioning skill is the ability to actively listen to everything being said and also what is not being openly said. The key for the sales person is to focus on the customer when the customer is talking and particularly when answering questions presented by the sales person. The number one flaw with aggressive sales people is they are too busy thinking about what they will say next, mentally rehearsing the script plan or just plain thinking about other things unrelated to moment.

Sales Superstars take the proactive listening skill to the next level – giving them a competitive advantage and greater trust with their customers. There are several reasons to improve our listening skills:

Becoming a Sales Superstar – Step 5 – Questioning Skills

To join the ranks of Sales Superstar, You must learn to ask Questions – early, often and late. I realize that some of you believe the early, often and late is about closing the sales – sorry, that is old school selling! Today’s superstar sales person masters this skill and uses it to gain a competitive advantage.

The big issue is this – the average sales person has a tendency to talk too much in a sales situation. Yes, they talk too much and actually bore or confuse the customer. Why? Because the customer also has an opinion about how things are going and what is important to them. Remember this:

“The Customer Will Believe Their Thoughts over Your Statements!”