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R in Breakthrough equals Relationships

This the eight part of the twelve part series on learning how to Breakthrough to the Next Level.

R in Breakthrough equals Relationships

The R was a hard selection of terms due to several words that are meaningful for every breakthroughs in your life and business. The one that climbed to the top of the list was relationships. Since relationships are a key component to our success and happiness in life it sometimes gets the least amount of attention or respect. In other words, most people take relationships for granted. Therefore, I will cover some important points regarding the power of relationships.

Success and Consideration

The sixth C in the twelve part series on success is Consideration.

Consideration is a very unique trait of the most successful people and organizations and probably the least understood. The unsuccessful have no understanding of the importance of this characteristic and have little understanding of its true value to success. If consideration is missing or limited, then you will find unhappy and unresponsive people working with you or around you. The true indicator of the degree of consideration being used is the number of people who actually WANT to work or be with you.

What is Consideration?