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Act 3, Take 1- The Afternoon of Our Lives

Many of us will live to be 80 years old or beyond. This roughly breaks down into four nice blocks of time… each one a very different life-stage.

  • 0-20 years: Focus is on physical growth, learning, and education
  • 21-40 years: Focus is on building family, home, and career

  • 41- 60 years: Focus becomes re-thinking and evaluating our life’s purpose and mission

  • 61- 80 years: Focus continues with life’s purpose and mission, legacy, and reflection

What is Wisdom?

There seems to be a lot of chatter about wisdom these days. There are discussions about the lack of wisdom and discussions about the over use of “wisdom” sources. All interesting discussions and related to our services which help people get to higher levels. We encourage people to increase their personal wisdom and use it in their decision making processes.

Yet, there is debate about wisdom and we get questions about “What is wisdom?” This is a great question that needs to be answered for our leaders and our emerging leaders who read our information.

Wisdom is the combination of experience and reflection. It allows the holder of this wisdom more choices and alternatives to make the correct decision depending upon the situation or a solve a problem based upon the real issues of the problem.
—  Voss W Graham

Let me discuss the ingredients of Wisdom = Experience plus Reflection.