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Five P’s of High Performance

Ever wondered what it takes to really become a high performer?

Actually, if you can master these five elements – you will join the ranks of the high performers. The great thing about this is it is your choice. No one can force you to use these five elements, nor can you get to the high performance level without using them. So what are the five P’s?

Let’s look at each one…

Ten Steps to Overcome Procrastination

or… How to Take Control your Life Again

What are the benefits to overcoming procrastination?

To name a few…

  • Better relationships
  • Personal relief from guilt and grief
  • Greater peace of mind
  • Greater feelings of competence
  • Higher productivity
  • Freedom of time for what is truly important
  • Greater rest and relaxation
  • Improved sleep and general health

So, curious as to the 1o steps to take? Here they are…

How to Keep Parkinson’s Law From Derailing Your Productivity

Parkinson’s Law says, “Work expands to fill the time available.” The law comes from the satirical book, Parkinson’s Law: The Pursuit of Progress, written by C. Northcote Parkinson, an English historian and author.

The law is actually an expansion of the Peter Principle in which it is believed, “in a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to their level of incompetence”.

What Can An Executive Coach Do For You?

Do you find that you have more on your to-do list than you can possibly get accomplished?   Do you have trouble getting some of your employees engaged?

Is your life out of balance?   Do you experience difficulty in communicating with some key individuals?

All of the above problem areas can see excellent results when you work with an executive coach.   Change comes rapidly in today’s business environment.  When you couple that with a changing social structure, stress is almost inevitable.

The Hawthorne Effect

What the heck is the Hawthorne Effect?   I’m so glad you asked!

To sum it up in only a few words, the Hawthorne Effect describes the results you receive when you give people attention.  The simple act of showing people that you care about them inevitably spurs them to better job performance.

The Hawthorne Effect was discovered by researchers at Harvard who were studying the relationship between worker productivity and work environment.  The experiments were conducted at the Hawthorne Works plant of Western Electric in the 1920s and 30s.   The original study was conducted in order to determine if increasing or decreasing the amount of light workers received would increase or decrease worker productivity.

Great Leaders are Effective Communicators

Continuing the theme of Effective Communication Month, I want to address the importance of communication as a key leadership trait.

In every leadership development process, leadership assessment, 360 feedback report and leadership position analysis – communication is shown as one of the most important traits necessary for effective leadership.

So what is so important about communication and leadership? Here are some of the factors that influence the importance of communication:

Objectivity in a Subjective World

In this subjective world where everyone has an opinion or position, how do you capture the consensus of the group? Most organizations use the subjective methods of “gut feel” or the SWAG method of determining what is going in within the organization. However, I believe there is another way that is more meaningful. Use assessments to bring objectivity to our world view.

Assessments can bring an objectivity factor to the discussions of what is making this group function? What are the Strengths and what are the shortcomings? Again, assessments to the rescue. This process can bring clear and accurate trends to the table for discussion and action commitments.

I have seen the results of an organizational survey open the eyes of key executives who had different and subjective opinions about the quality of their leadership – and get a good dose of reality. They were able to take this information and use it to communicate actions that were meaningful to their people – who in turn responded with positive actions that lead to positive results.

I have seen executives get feedback from their teams regarding specific performance issues using 360’s or specialty reports regarding the team dynamics. This feedback is used in an objective manner to influence the quality of future decisions and actions.

Assessments work for the good of an organization or group. Get an advantage through the use of assessments that give insight and understanding into what makes an organization work well. What strengths are we using well and what areas need to have a reality check regarding performance.

Performance Management needs objectivity to work properly. Assessments is one tool that should be used to uncover performance matrix and standards. Assessments can also tell us if our strategy is working for our team members. Again, objectivity is needed in a world full of opinions, ideas and assumptions. Clear the air and get the facts.

If you have any questions regarding the proper use of assessments in your organization, please contact us at 901-757-4434. We have over 20 years of experience in assisting organizations and individuals in the use of assessments and how to use the data to improve the quality of performance.

DUH, It’s all about the People in Organizations

This appears to be a very simplistic expression and should be well known within the corporate cultures today. To my continued surprise People are not considered by all to be the most important asset a company has rights to. Notice I did not say “owned” since employees are free to leave an organization anytime they want.

So what is so important about People?

First, they are the creators and doers for a company’s current and future success – or failure. Individuals create ideas for creating products, services, processes, and customers. Seldom have customers rushed the walls of a company to purchase their products or services just because they built it. It is the people within the company that have created a winning product, created a winning marketing campaign and a winning solution for the customer.

Second, they are the primary creators of balancing efficiency and effectiveness for an organization. Once this balance is achieved, the organization benefits from improvement in Productivity. For the most part, the source of this balance comes from experience, wisdom and knowledge used by the individuals. I believe that there must be balance within these three factors of experience, wisdom and knowledge to become truly effective. I’ve seen people with years of experience that have not learned anything new after their first year! Likewise, I have seen very educated people show little practicality or application of their knowledge leading to conflict or lack of results. Wisdom is the ability to apply both knowledge and experience for greater returns in performance.

Third, sales people create the majority of sales – which grow the top and hopefully bottom lines. The ability of sales people to develop trusting relationships with other people – customers – lead to success in selling. The internet will create opportunities for sales particularily in the arena of commodities. Yet, the major, key and large account buyers will relate to the sales person to make the commitment to buy.

So why am I talking about these subjects? Because people create the future and add wealth to organizations. The research shows that great people product greater results than land, building and machinery. If this is true, it would seem that every organization would be investing heavily in developing their people to become more valuable and increase their wealth in the marketplace.

We have been very fortunate during our 20 years of working with organizations to develop their people to these new levels of performance. That is our mission and purpose – to get people -you- to the next level. It continues to be our purpose and we look forward to another 20 years of growing people and organizations. Please check us out. We have been solving issues for our clients and we can probably help you.