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Barriers to Performance Improvement – Part Two

This is part two of a five part series about the Barriers to Performance Improvement.

These are all major and common in business and organizations today and will need to be addressed in order to completely turn around our competitive advantage in the global economy.

The Second Barrier to Performance Improvement is…

Do You Know Your Dirty Thirty?

Life is good.  So is work…mostly.  Most people will agree that working is good for you.   Work- for most people- means much more than our daily bread.   But even for people who absolutely LOVE their job, there will be portions of the job that are just not so great.   Studies show that for the average worker, the following statistics apply:

  • 30% of our job duties: we very much enjoy
  • 40% of our job duties:  are “ok”
  • 30% of our job duties:  are our Dirty Thirty

The “Dirty Thirty” are the parts of our job…and every job has them… that we don’t enjoy doing and the reasons for this are many.

Ten Steps to Overcome Procrastination

or… How to Take Control your Life Again

What are the benefits to overcoming procrastination?

To name a few…

  • Better relationships
  • Personal relief from guilt and grief
  • Greater peace of mind
  • Greater feelings of competence
  • Higher productivity
  • Freedom of time for what is truly important
  • Greater rest and relaxation
  • Improved sleep and general health

So, curious as to the 1o steps to take? Here they are…

Identify Your Time Wasters

Time Management = Time Freedom

Identify Time Wasters

As we talked about earlier this week, we all have the same amount of time each day and each week.  How we use this time most often determines our success and satisfaction in life.

Time wasters can be both frustrating and distracting.  In fact, studies have shown that if your concentration is removed from a task it can take fifteen to thirty minutes to get back on track. And even more time is lost if the interruption was dramatic! Yikes!

One of the most important time management tasks you can undertake is to identify your time wasters.  These time wasters can be people, tasks, habits, things, your own personality quirks, etc. that get in the way of being more effective with your time.