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What is Strategic Thinking?

I got an interesting question from a client last week as I was writing about Strategic Planning or I prefer to call it – Strategic Thinking. An executive asked me “What is Strategic Thinking?” At first I thought this was  a trick question with a hidden agenda, yet after a couple of questions, I realized it was a genuine question from a person who I assumed should know the answer ( errant assumptions are still the root cause of all poor decisions.).

Most executive teams will openly discuss growth and market share, yet, seldom do they really get down to the specifics of what is the best route to take the organization into the future. There is some discussion about the organizational structure of the company and who reports to whom. Yet, is that really strategic thinking? Yet, I find that most executives are following the path created by market momentum, which is directly related to the health of the economy. Therefore, this is more status quo than Strategic Thinking.

Okay, so here is the answer to the question – What is Strategic Thinking?