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Six Steps to Fighting Failures

Some feedback I have received from people indict a need for more “how to fight failure” steps, so I wanted to give you six steps you can use starting today – if necessary.

First, let me remind you – some failures are going to happen. The key is to limit their consequences and impact using methods I discussed in previous articles. Failures are only events or happenings and have no bearing upon “who” you are. You are not the failure – the event was the failure. You are fine.

If you have difficulty understanding the impact or reasoning behind the second paragraph then you are a candidate for a good personal development seminar. Check out the Phoenix Seminar, especially since it is now online.

Okay, back to the six steps…

Seven Things to Learn from Failure

Earlier I talked about four ways to deal with failure. And, one of the ways to deal with failure was to learn from the failure. Yet, several people have asked me “exactly what do I learn from a failure?”

Good question as some felt it only learning to accept failure or the reason was only them.

The really is there are at least seven things we can learn from any failure. It is our role to discover the answers to these primary seven learning points. These answers form the reasons why the failure occurred so it is critical to your personal growth. So here are the primary seven…

Four Ways to Deal with Failure

I know I usually read about good positive information and it will be positive – just read on.

As I reviewed the Phoenix Seminar for its Online debut, I remembered how many people have shared their failures in life or business or with others. Yet, most learned how to change their perception of dealing with failure after the Phoenix Seminar.

One of the keys to dealing with or coping with failure is to learn the Four Ways of Dealing with Failure…

Phoenix Seminar is now Online

Hi everybody, the personal leadership and development seminar – The Phoenix Seminar on the Psychology of Achievement by Brian Tracy is now online. It is now available 24/7 for people who want to learn How to Succeed in Life.

Check out the original Phoenix Seminar website to learn about how it helps people to succeed and achieve what they want in life.

Now if you’re looking for some magic bullet or get rich quick process – this is NOT the place to go.

Here you will learn what causes failure and success in people’s lives. Then what you can do to change your results in life.

Fact: Tomorrow Will Be As Crazy As Today

As an entrepreneur, I am continuously thinking that if I can make it to tomorrow or the weekend I can catch up and possibly get ahead. GEEZ! What a pipe dream! Plus, I thought I was the only one who had this issue hanging around to bug me while attempting to put structure and order into my day.

Well, I began to listen to my corporate brethren who were saying the same thing – sometimes with even greater intensity. I heard about the 200 plus emails and voice mails – not to mention the continuous stream of meetings to attend.

My goodness, it is a wonder we get anything done in this world of crazy we live in.

Do You Have Your Life’s Mission and Vision Defined?

The story is told of a depressed woman who jumped from a bridge into the river below. Without hesitation, a man who witnessed the act jumped in to save her.  But “the hero” suddenly remembered that he couldn’t swim.   Soon he began yelling for help and thrashing around, which would likely mean instant death for both.

Hearing the man’s cries, the depressed woman swam to his rescue, carried him out of the water, and administered CPR…thus saving his life.

Healthier Relationships On Your Goal List for 2011?

“Before we can have a successful relationship with anyone, we first need a perfect personal relationship.” – Russ Von Hoelscher

Well, perhaps not perfection since it does not exist! But it is necessary to have a successful relationship with yourself before you can extend that to others.

Do your relationships bring you stress?  Being aware of the problem is the beginning of finding the solution.

Has Trust Been Lost in Your Working Relationships?

Why it is Important to Build and Rebuild Trust

As noted in earlier blogs, trust is paramount to healthy working relationships, effective communication, increased productivity, and YES… a healthy bottom-line!

Conflict is a natural part of our human existence.  Differing opinions, values, and habits make conflict inevitable.   The importance of resolving conflict while maintaining trust cannot be overstated.  Eight ways to minimize the conflict that destroys trust or to rebuild trust once it has been damaged are shown below:

Locus of Control in Leadership

Most successful leaders are reported to have a high internal locus of control.  People with an internal locus of control take responsibility for their lives and how the world works.  Since their belief system values attempts to take control of things that can be managed by them, a great deal of success typically follows.

Does the Law of Belief Impact You?

The Law of Belief is a sister law to the Law of Attraction, discussed in last week’s blog.  Things, people, and circumstances are attracted into our lives, either consciously or unconsciously, through the belief systems we have.

Many times our belief systems are old and outdated and no longer serve us.  Often, these beliefs never did work to our higher good.  For a good source on the impact of belief upon you mindset – go to this blog site.

Many beliefs come from our families and are often handed down generation to generation.  Beliefs can center around health and wellness, financial success, indebtedness, life expectancy, career choices, religious doctrines, marital success, etc.