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The Process Engineer…

Do you Perfect Something Until it’s a Perfect Disaster?

Psychologists consider perfectionism to be an obsessive personality type. Perfectionists set unreasonable and unrealistic standards to which neither he nor others can possibly meet.

Many perfectionists are crippled by their thinking. In the quest to be perfect and “do” perfect, the paralysis sets in. We have all heard the phrase, “Paralysis by Analysis.” Most perfection is neither measurable nor unattainable.

What Leads to Job Burnout?

There are many causes of job burnout.  Sometimes it can be that a person is working in a job that is not properly suited to their natural talents and abilities, causing them to work much harder than the work duties actually require.  Other reasons cited for burnout include a mis-match of key values between the company and the employee.  Someone who is working outside of his or her value system is a prime candidate for burnout.

Other work-related causes of burnout are:

  • Lack of a feeling of control over your work
  • Unclear or “moving” job expectations
  • Working in a high-pressured environment
  • Lack of recognition or appreciation for a job well-done