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NeuroScience – Is Going to Change Our World

I keep running into this word – NeuroScience. Okay, I was just like you when I saw the first time – what the heck is it? What does it mean? And, more importantly – what will it mean to me? (Actually learned that being self oriented is part of the research findings.)

Okay, NeuroScience is the technical term for the study of the brain and how it really works. This is truly breakthrough information and is impacting everything we do. I know “everything” is an absolute term – sorry – yet it is true. We walk around everyday with our brains working at nanosecond and faster speeds – and our brain controls our thoughts and actions.

Are you getting my meaning here – Neuro, the brain is with us all the time. When you apply science and scientific techniques to learning how the Brain works – well we have some potential breakthrough learning. And, we have done just that.

My first introduction came from a Bert Decker book on communication. Later, my partner began sharing more information she was finding due to her work with the sub-conscious mind. Next, I read a breakthrough book on marketing entitled “NeuroMarketing” which changed everything I have done in the world of marketing our organization on it’s ear! GEEZ! I felt things were different and difficult – this book opened my eyes to new and simple.

Currently, I have discovered several new books on the topic and have been like a great sponge soaking new information. Books like “The Hidden Brain” and “The Buying Brain” are opening my world of possibilities for greater success.

Okay, enough about me. Let’s talk about Neuroscience.