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Social Connections: Six Degrees of Separation

We’ve all heard the term, “Six degrees of separation”.   This is part of the universal principle heralding that everyone is- on average- six steps away from any other person on Earth.   Here in the South (United States), we sometimes say there are only two degrees of separation!  This connection process is also known as the “Human Web.”

The Art of Effective Networking

This blog comes to you after I read a quote this morning:

“Being a promiscuous networker who collects cards without relationships is a dead-end.”   Pam Lassiter

What a great way of saying that networking “effectively” means developing meaningful relationships!   Let’s look at the meaning of the word, promiscuous.   We all have our own notions and memories of what the word means from lectures and horror stories in high school.

Networking is All About Relationships

While attending a meeting one gentleman stood and shared a statement with the group – Networking is all about relationships. This was a major statement and most people miss the boat on understanding just how true this statement is for success.

Relationships is the core to everything we do. Our family life is impacted by the relationships we have established with our loved ones. Our business success is a direct reflection of the quality of relationships. Is is based upon Trust? Is it long term in nature? Can we depend upon someone to be helpful and sincere? All these factors count in the world of relationships.

People need relationships to grow and learn. The more people we meet and get to know – the better our quality of life. People have a tendency to share their life experiences. When exposed to different points of view and opinions it gives us a chance to truly think about things. As we think about the nuggets of gold placed in our pathways, we have an opportunity to explore new ways of thinking and acting. We get another slice of knowledge to play with, grow with and experiment with as we move toward success. Our knowledge and wisdom gets a chance to expand.

Another point for all business people is the fact that relationships expand our business opportunities. When others get to know you, they check out your sincerity and authenticity. They can then decide if they trust you and are you credible? This is the beginning of a relationship and possible business situation. One thing that I have noticed over the past twenty years is the changing levels of trust that people get today versus 20 years ago.

When I first started my existing business in 1988 it was easy to meet people, get to know them, visit them and well – get business opportunities to fall in line. Today, if people do not already know you, they will not return phone calls, come to meetings or briefings, or let you in their office building! The need for security and an overall lack of trust has become the standard.

Therefore, it is a now a key factor in successful business to make as many contacts through networking, social gatherings, and group meeting activities. This allows for people to get to know you. Gain credibility with others and you gain an opportunity for business – if you can truly help the other person.

Learn how to network, start a long term relationship, educate yourself on the techniques and methods to stay in constant contact with others – these are the keys to winning in life. Do it for them as well as yourself.  Others need to learn about who you are and do you have credibility and the expertise to assist them with different solutions. Get to know them and they will in turn get to know you. Start and maintain your relationships with people – you never know when they will need your help.