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Ethics Revival or Guilt by Association – the Joe Paterno Case

The news services are all on fire talking about the Joe Paterno firing at Penn State. So what is going on?

I was raised on the basic assumption of you are innocent until proven guilty. Yet, today it appears you are guilty – by association – without any trial or final judgement. And, taking it even further, it appears that the press and social media are the judge and jury.

Is this fair? Personally I don’t believe it is fair in any shape, form or substance. Others values are being thrown on to a public mess just like gasoline on a fire.

The damage to an individual’s entire career is now done. Was it done to save face? Was it done just to assign blame? Was it done to cover up other’s actions or inactions? At this point in time, we will may never know.

So why am I writing about this topic in a business article?