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Stop Wasting Money on Marketing!

Okay, before you have a heart attack, let me me explain my position on this topic.

Yes, you will need to market you product and services, however, of all your ad and marketing dollars spent – Do You Know If You Are Getting a Return on Your Investment? Even the great marketing & advertising executive, David Ogilvy stated “50% of Advertising works, I just don’t know which 50%.

The issue is not if marketing & advertising works, it is really a question of what type of Marketing works for you and your business?

Three Keys for Successful Growth

During these time of downturn, it is not acceptable to stop thinking and acting on growth opportunities. The time is ripe for Growth. And, Growth Opportunities are all around us. It is a time to focus on the three things that create steady, consistent and profitable growth. There are three keys to these type of growth.

  1. Leadership – the ability to focus on the future and relate it to present day action plans; clarify the vision with everyone in the organization, motivate a culture for growth and make the right (and tough) decisions to ensure the success of the whole.
  2. Technology – the ability to maximize productivity; to have reporting systems that alert you to potential issues; to allow people to use their minds for higher level results; and to create a customer experience that exceeds all expectations of service and contact.
  3. Sales & Marketing – the ability to coordinate two diverse units into one representing the best interests of the company and the customer; to develop an ongoing lead generation system; to sell using the same message or intent across the company; and enable the company to grow faster than the competition – as well as helping their customers grow.

Each of these three keys for growth will need to be discussed individually. Check back over the next three days and read more about each key. This information was compiled through research and actual experience of working with companies over the past three decades.

Finally one last thought. While the focus of this post is on companies and organizations – it also applies to individuals who want to grow and develop. It is easy to see the correlation of each key and how the three steps can be applied at the individual level. There will be a future post outlining these traits for individuals.

Do You Know What Your Customers Want?

This is a common statement and question for sales people and comes up in sales training sessions on a common basis. However, in practice, do sales people really understand the true meaning of this question? Do they understand the ramification of a lack of understanding of this key success question?

I’m sure that you know the Golden Rule and probably the “Platinum Rule of Selling” if you have been in sales for any length of time. Yet, Bob Burg who is a prospecting guru states a little different golden rule and he has been quoted:

“Internalize the Golden Rule of sales that says, ‘All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like, and trust.”

This statement is very true – even in today’s economic climate. In fact, I would believe that it is even more important today than ever. Customers and Prospects are looking for people to trust more than ever! They seek out referrals based upon who others like and trust.

What is the Purpose of Marketing?

This question seems to lead to the holy grail of answers. In fact, I have heard so many answers regarding what is the purpose of marketing, that I thought it is now my turn. Okay, here is my definition of the purpose of marketing:

To be on the Mind of the Prospect or Customer when the Prospect is ready to buy!

I believe that being top of mind when the customer/prospect is ready to take action is the most important thing we can do. To execute a marketing campaign that keeps us on the mind of a prospect is the goal of successful organizations.

So why is a marketing campaign important? One word – Relationship! We must develop a good relationship with the prospect so they will acknowledge us and our solution at the time of taking action. To often, we use a hit and miss strategy of touching our clients, customers and prospects. Or worst, we only contact them when we are trying to sell them something. This is an old school mindset and no longer works with today’s customers and prospects.

So what is the best method? To show our experience and expertise in solving problems that the prospect or customer can relate to for their peace of mind. The key for success in Marketing Campaigns is to develop TRUST. Trust plus the shown ability to solve their problems ensures their interest in you – at the exact moment they are ready to take action. So remember to use marketing campaigns that share information, show successful case studies and “how-to” white papers. This builds the trust for a long term relationship.