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Performance or Politics – Which is More Important to You?

Today I’m expanding on yesterday’s post by asking the question…

Performance or Politics – Which is More Important to You?

I’m asking this question because of two reasons…

  1. It’s Your Choice
  2. It has a direct influence on your long term status in your job

Let’s look into these two reasons.

Success and Continuous Development – Part One

Continuous Development is the seventh C in the twelve part series of the C’s of Success. In part one, we will cover the importance of individual continuous development.

Continuous Development can be considered the catalyst for all current and future growth and improvement. Without it, the status quo would rule the day and very little improvement or growth could occur in both individuals and organizations. There is a strong need for purposeful continuous development at all levels of organizations. Individuals who get ahead in life do so by improving themselves either by improving skills or their wisdom.

What is Continuous Development?

When we first started our company we choose the name “Kaizen Performance Group, Inc.” because of the term Kaizen. Kaizen means to continuously improve in a holistic way. We believed then as we believe today that all improvement begins with continuously developing and improving what and how you do things.We also found the fastest method of gaining experience was to learn from experts, thus shortening the learning curves in life and business.

The Japan adopted the term “Kaizen” to their total quality efforts because they recognized the need for continuous improvement in their organizational work flows and processes. Using Kaizen as the focal point, they looked to improve every process and individual skill within their organizations. Kaizen principles led to their leading the world in total quality of product and services. A simple method leading to major results.

What is Individual Continuous Development?

Success and Confidence

The third element of the C’s of Success Series is Confidence.

Confidence is a term that is used a great deal and yet seems to be misunderstood when it comes to execution at both the personal and organizational levels. Let’s take a look at this key term and see what it means to us.

What is Confidence?

What is Driving Your Company?

Now this is an interesting question. Just what are asking about with this question? Actually, from a strategic point of view, it is a basic and very important question. What is driving your Company is all about understanding what is your Major Driving Force.

Every company has a unique major driving force. This major driving force determines the major strategic issue to focus upon and the at least two areas of excellence you must have to be successful. Your entire business concept gravitates from the major driving force.

There are ten possible driving forces that cover a range of alternatives. A company’s executive team then have the ability to choose the one that will give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. What happens to a company when  the major driving force is unknown? Usually bad things – like poor performance and results, low marketshare in the marketplace, wasted resources, poor investments and poor hiring practices. Everything about the future is tied to the major driving force.