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“It’s the Singer not the Song”

Over the weekend I was listening to music from the Great British philosopher – Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones – and listened to this phrase in one of his songs…

It’s the Singer, Not the Song!”

I realized at that moment the parallel to individuals in today’s business environment.

The fact is everyone knows the words and parrots them quickly and easily. Yet, few actually walk the talk of the leadership world. You see it takes discipline and persistence to do the right things as a leader in every situation. It’s the singer who makes the difference.

Time for Cool and Calm Thinking

Today’s post will be brief and to the point. Due to the recent moves in the financial markets and the adverse actions of a credit rating agency, our economy will be in major shock when the markets opens.

Personally, I’m expecting major downward pressure on the markets and a time period for the thought leaders come to understand the meaning and future of our “new” economy.

Yet, in an attempt to point out how expectations can create a future result or happening, it is time for our business leaders to actively lead their organizations. I know several will automatically begin cutting budgets and destroying their own growth momentum. Others will take and “wait and see” attitude, waiting for the dust to settle before taking any major actions.

Lack of Real Leadership Killing our Economy

I was thinking about a topic for a leadership article, yet, the news makers are all talking about the economic problems we are having – even to the point of comparing it to 2008 downturn. Well, while it is similar it is very different, if you take the time to think about everything happening during the past three months to create our economic challenges.

The talking heads and the financial writers have been using scare tactics for the past month, yet, they are still raving about our economy issues. First, please recognize the media only gets ratings and audiences for negative news. Positive news is well basically forbidden on the news today.

Look, the economy is just fine. It is the leaders of both the government and the corporate decision makers who are compounding the problem.

Realizing the issues are complex in nature, take the time to think about what has been happening for the past two – really six months. Congress and the White House have been deadlocked in a bad case of “chicken.”

Yet, the losers will not be either the White House or the members of Congress, the real losers are the people in the United States. Now, it is true that some members of the Congress will probably lose their next election due to the bad reactions from the deadlock. Yet, the reality is – people are losing jobs today due to their “leaders”  stupidity.

More On Employee Engagement… Directly Tied to EQ of Leader

There is a great book out on leadership.  Certainly there are enough leadership books to go around the world several times; but the book, Landing in the Executive Chair, by Linda Henman, relates to F squared, or F2 Leadership.    Dr. Henman refers to the F as meaning both Fair and Firm Accountability!

Henman says, “I have found the direct ties between self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, social skill… and business results.”   This is how Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, is defined.

Employee Engagement and Emotional Intelligence are about balancing results with relationships.  As Henman points out, the further up the ladder you travel, the greater the need for understanding both yourself and others.

EQ can be measured and improved!   We have Emotional Intelligence Assessments.  For more information call 1-800-452-4036

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Dale Carnegie wrote the famous book many years ago and it is still in use today.  The trait of being able to influence people and make them feel good in your company is one that never goes out of style… not even in today’s digital and electronic society.

So, what are the top traits to make this possible?   Here are the Top 5 Success Habits to WIN BIG with people:

5 Ways to Win Friends and Influence People:

More on Spiritual Intelligence

According to Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall, Spiritual Intelligence can be witnessed in the business world in the following manner:

Spiritual Capital:

  • Preserves and renews resources
  • Sees future generations as stakeholders
  • Inspiring
  • Leadership as a vocation
  • Sense of fulfillment
  • Dedication
  • Addresses inequality and anger
  • Hope

Reasons for M & A Failures

During the past four decades I have seen and been involved in many mergers and acquisitions of many different sized organizations. Some have worked out extremely well for both companies involved and others have had a win-lose impact.

This win-lose impact can be seen from both sides of the acquisition or merger. Meaning I have seen the company being acquired as losing – both in future value, culture and ultimate dollars or stock received. And, there are times when the acquiring organizations turns up as the loser. Some are huge failures – such AOL purchasing a internet company for $ 850 million and three years late sell the same company for a grand total of $10 million.

So, what happens to create ( or better yet – avoid the failure cycle from the five major reasons for M & A failures) these losing positions from the M & A game of acquisition and mergers?

Differences between Managers and Leaders

An important difference but the two work in tandem…

“Leadership and management are two distinctive and complementary systems of action. Each has its own function and characteristic activities. Both are necessary for success in an increasingly complex and volatile business environment…strong leadership with weak management is no better, and is sometimes actually worse, than the reverse. The real challenge is to combine strong leadership and strong management and use each to balance the other.”
— John Kotter, Management/Leadership Author and Professor of Organizational Behavior, Harvard Business School