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Employee Engagement is Energy …Not Satisfaction

Engagement is about commitment.   Passionate commitment!  Employee engagement is not the touchy-feely stuff or positive thinking mantras.  It is not job satisfaction.   Think about this…. Sometimes people are satisfied doing “nothing”.  Is that what you really want?

Engagement at the leadership level is paramount!   Studies show that employee disengagement is four (4) times higher for employees who work for a disengaged manager or supervisor.  Think about the hard and soft dollar costs of this disengagement scenario!

Human Resources 101: Top 9 Reasons Employees Leave Their Managers

We’ve all heard that employees most often “quit” their managers and supervisors rather than “quitting” the company.   It’s true!  The quality of leadership an employee receives is critical to employee retention.

Below are the Top 9 Reasons Employees Leave Their Managers:

Is Your Workplace De-Motivating?

Better yet, let’s turn that around.  We have been looking at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs this week.  One way for the CEO or company owner to make certain his or her company receives high marks from the customers is to make certain the company receives high marks from the employees!   Simply stated… your employees will offer the same service and attitude that you mirror to them in their work.