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Five Fundamental Strategic Questions for Leaders

Growth StepsEvery Excellent Leader stays totally aware of their organizations growth. More specifically, the Leader is the Navigator for Organizational Direction.

Therefore, the Growth of the Organization is – or will be – a “Top of Mind” activity.

There are five fundamental Strategic Growth questions you can use to measure the success of your growth plan in the current economic environments.

What is Your Energy Leadership Level?


Good leadership skills are available to everyone and the leadership style we adopt is a choice. This choice can even be made day-by-day, depending on our own energy level and the “fuel” we use in our lives through meaningful relationships, rest and relaxation, personal development, spirituality, and personal growth.

Is Your Workplace De-Motivating?

Better yet, let’s turn that around.  We have been looking at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs this week.  One way for the CEO or company owner to make certain his or her company receives high marks from the customers is to make certain the company receives high marks from the employees!   Simply stated… your employees will offer the same service and attitude that you mirror to them in their work.

Five Overlooked Leadership Skills

Five Overlooked Leadership Skills….

ssshhhhh… they’re the silent skills

Much has been written about leadership skills… what they are, how to develop them, which skills stand out, etc.  Many of the same skills show up on most lists.  A few often un-touted leadership skills are also very important to a leader’s success; and a leader’s success means success for the group!  These skills are quiet leadership skills that don’t usually bid well at the boardroom table or in the frenzy of a stock market dip.