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Sales and Marketing are Impacted by Generational Flow

Well, since I wrote my last post on Generational Differences I have been doing some additional research on the topic. At first I felt this was only a managerial issue with some impact upon the hiring of qualified talent for mid-level management. Now, I see that Sales and Marketing strategies can be heavily impacted by the population waves of the generations. Depending upon your industry and who you sell your products and services, there can be a positive or negative impact.

Today, I’m only introducing the concepts regarding the relationships between the generational population waves and your business model. Let me begin by saying as a leader, you must research this important data if you want to insure the success of your company. I’m talking serious strategic impact and being unaware or ignore to this important data could cause a major failure in your industry.

So here are the areas that can be impacted by the generational waves or demographics to the sales and marketing crowd…