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Beliefs Influence Our Level of Discipline

Beliefs influence your level of discipline. These same beliefs impact your level of execution and therefore your level of success.

Interesting how most things that are important to us begin with our own beliefs. The results of beliefs on our results can be either positive or negative. The term “self-limiting beliefs” describes the negative impact that some beliefs have on our results.

Have you ever tested your beliefs? These are the deep beliefs that influence our actions in positive ways or negative ways.

Knowing What to Do is Apart from Actually Doing It

Here is some valuable information:

“Knowing What to Do is Separate from Actually Doing It!”

I am continually amazed by comments from leaders of organizations who announce “my people know what to do.” And, then when asking questions about the outcomes and results – I get non answers or corporate speak. (Corporate speak is the sterile response to a tough question that contains no emotion, no action and no commitment.)

Why does this happen? Because the “knowing-doing” gap is in action or really inaction. The Knowing-Doing gap is a fatal condition that allows people with excellent information and knowledge to limit their actions or worse – take the incorrect actions.

I had a sales manager tell me that he was concerned about his team. They kept telling him – usually when they lost a potential sale or customer – they knew they did something wrong – even though they were trained to do it correctly. He told me that he was hearing this too often and he knew he had to take action or his team could fall short of their goals.