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Is It Time to Revisit the Sales Basics?

This question is for everyone that is responsible for generating revenue and sales for your company.

“Is It Time to Revisit the Sales Basics?”

I was reviewing a basic sales seminar workbook that I was preparing for placing on a website for Internet based or online training purposes. Yet, as I continued to review each module of the seminar, I realized the information is very useful in today’s environment. With the changing of attitudes, smaller budgets (with believability factors being strong) and less relationship based selling in the marketplace, maybe it’s time to revisit the basics of sales training.

The really good basic sales training processes include a balance of inner game material for the mental side of selling with an excellent collection of outer game techniques. Some of the key components I picked up during this quick review was the amount of practice time needed to prepare for natural and smooth delivery of information to customers.

Additional nuggets from this review includes doing basic research into why customers buy from you? What are the true reasons that customers value your products or services? A very important issue was “what is an ideal customer?” This is a critical factor to think about as we all look for more business. If we know – I mean truly know – what an ideal customers looks and sounds like, then we could actively target prospects who have the same or similar qualities.

The last nugget came from a quote in the workbook from Vince Lombardi “Perfect Practice makes for Perfect Plays in a Game.” Now, I’m not really big on the word “perfect,” yet, I understand the more you practice, get it right, the simpler it becomes in front of others. We need to review the basics and the fundamentals on a regular basis to remain sharp. Just like the great athletes in any sport take the time to practice fundamentals during the off season, sales people need to practice with others before getting in front of customers and prospects.

Watch for a coming announcement of our basic sales training online. It will cover all the basics and get anyone ready to sell more – even in today’s economic times.