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Are You Using Multi-faceted Assessments?

Today I want to discuss an issue found in organizations using assessments – actually using assessments is a good thing. The fact is – most are doing some things wrong while only a few are getting it right.

The issue comes from using only One Assessment and believing it is an end all tool. Unfortunately, in most cases the users are creating more problems for themselves – unless the assessment being used is correctly used. An example of one assessment, which has multiple uses, yet, is not the end game solution for everything is the DISC assessment tool.

The DISC tool is a great report for understanding “How” a person delivers results using their behavioral style. It uncovers observable behavioral traits that are actually hard-wired in a person’s mind. Behavioral style is the primary method for communication and creates the most conflict issues.

Other assessment tools are available that uncover additional areas related to an individual’s ability to perform at higher levels.

Job Matching is NOT a Dating Service – Maybe it Should Be

I know this is an off beat title for a business service, yet, to me it hits the right nerve for getting people to think about the hiring process.

Dating services are unique and a little mysterious for anyone who has not used one (like me). The principles they use is to MATCH people to improve the probabilities of a long term relationship. Actually, that sounds like a very good purpose when you look around at all the unhappy relationships and bad marriages.

In the world of business, the dating game is expanded to both finding excellent talent for your organization and finding prospects and customers who match your ideal customer profile for excellent business relationships.

Today, I want to focus upon the Job Matching function for hiring and selection of superior talent.