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Do Your People Know How to Keep Score?

Okay, I know the title is a little difference and some of you are thinking – what is he talking about today?

Actually, I thinking about how often when I’m working with a group of people in an organization – these people have no idea how they are expected to succeed within their company. Really? Yes, Really!

What is going on here?

It is quite simple. No one has showed them how to keep score and what methods to use to score higher in their performance evaluations.

Eight Factors for a High Energy Work Environment

One of the major factors I see when entering a company known for high performance is the feeling you get just walking around in the office. There is a definite high energy level found in these companies and their people are leading the charge.

So how do these organizations engage their people enough to cultivate a high energy environment?

It can be as simple as Eight Factors being in-place to provide the high energy work environment and culture. So here are the eight factors…

Five New Jobs for Top Managers and Leaders

Got to thinking about how the business world has been turned upside down over the past three years and how the new “norms” are beginning to take shape. Then, my thoughts expanded into what new roles will the managers and leaders of organizations need to add if they truly want their people to excel and return higher levels of results?

Here are five new jobs (and old jobs for the forward thinkers in the group) for managers and leaders to guide their organizations into the new business world. And, don’t kid yourself or deny the business world has not changed – because it has. And, change will be a consistent part of your future landscape.

So, here are five new jobs for you to think about and work into your current routines and success habits.