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Five P’s of High Performance

Ever wondered what it takes to really become a high performer?

Actually, if you can master these five elements – you will join the ranks of the high performers. The great thing about this is it is your choice. No one can force you to use these five elements, nor can you get to the high performance level without using them. So what are the five P’s?

Let’s look at each one…

Do Your Employees Have Stinkin’ Thinkin’?

Ever met folks who find something wrong with the sun shining? Or known someone who would pull a butterfly’s wing off just because they can?

There are just some people that – as my father would say- are simply put on Earth to show the rest of us how NOT to act.

If you have someone with “stinkin’ thinkin’” on your staff and if you don’t address the behavior, your employee turnover and employee productivity will suffer.

Do You Know Who Your Problem Players Are?

This post is a blog from Leadership Now, Leading Blog. It addresses the age-old problem of how most managers and Human Resource professionals spend 80% of their time with 20% of the employees. The 20% who are problems. The old 80/20 rule. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could spend more of our time on the high performers/high potentials? It is surely something to think about and set a plan to make it a reality. Are you up to the task?  –  Judy W Bell

“quickpoint: Work With the Willing!”