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Thinking Small will only Get Small Results

Recently I overheard a conversation with a well known authority on high performance. During the conversation a major aha occurred with a really basic or fundamental issue.

The major issue discussed was about your thoughts. If you only think about small things – especially goals and challenges – your results will be small.

As I reflected upon this basic concept of high performance or achievements in life, I realized I have been impacted by the thinking small on more than one occasion.

Five P’s of High Performance

Ever wondered what it takes to really become a high performer?

Actually, if you can master these five elements – you will join the ranks of the high performers. The great thing about this is it is your choice. No one can force you to use these five elements, nor can you get to the high performance level without using them. So what are the five P’s?

Let’s look at each one…

Barriers to Performance Improvement – Part Three

This is part three of a five part series about the Barriers to Performance Improvement.

These are all major and common in business and organizations today and will need to be addressed in order to completely turn around our competitive advantage in the global economy.

The Third Barrier to Performance Improvement is…

What is Wisdom?

There seems to be a lot of chatter about wisdom these days. There are discussions about the lack of wisdom and discussions about the over use of “wisdom” sources. All interesting discussions and related to our services which help people get to higher levels. We encourage people to increase their personal wisdom and use it in their decision making processes.

Yet, there is debate about wisdom and we get questions about “What is wisdom?” This is a great question that needs to be answered for our leaders and our emerging leaders who read our information.

Wisdom is the combination of experience and reflection. It allows the holder of this wisdom more choices and alternatives to make the correct decision depending upon the situation or a solve a problem based upon the real issues of the problem.
—  Voss W Graham

Let me discuss the ingredients of Wisdom = Experience plus Reflection.

The Pygmalion Effect at Work

Are You Setting Your Team UP for Success?

It is no accident that good leaders have the highest performing departments.  Good teams are not happenstance.  Rather, good leaders build good teams.  Even better…great leaders build great teams.

High-performance employees work for high-expectation managers!  That’s right; the higher expectation a boss has of his workers, the higher the performance of his/her staff.  The Pygmalion Effect is an age-old phenomenon in which it is shown that our performance is that of a self-fulfilling prophecy.  If a boss considers his employees to be smart and productive, that is almost always the type of performance the boss will witness.  If a boss believes his employees to be lazy and non-committal at work, this is the performance that will almost always be present in his workers.  Employees will live “up to” or “down to” your expectations.

Performance or Politics – Which is More Important to You?

Today I’m expanding on yesterday’s post by asking the question…

Performance or Politics – Which is More Important to You?

I’m asking this question because of two reasons…

  1. It’s Your Choice
  2. It has a direct influence on your long term status in your job

Let’s look into these two reasons.

Are You Making Half-Time Adjustments?

Yes, it is the middle of the year, the beginning of July indicts we have made the middle of the calendar year. Are you making the half-time adjustments to your goals and annual plans?

Just like the best football teams in the country, making half-time adjustments is a key skill that makes great coaches – well, great! If a coach did not adjust to what was happening on the field of play during the halftime, then two things would happen.

  1. The opponent would make changes in their game plan to take advantages of the weaknesses they found in the first half and exploit these areas to their advantage.
  2. The team would not be in a position to improve their position in the game.

Okay, so we are not talking about a football game in the middle of the year, however, we should be talking about your goals or your team’s goals (assuming you use a calendar year rather than a fiscal year.). Your personal goals are definitely on a calendar year – so it is time to review your progress.

Here is the process for reviewing your goals using a half-time adjustment review:

Changing Beliefs Can Impact Your Results

Okay it is time for me to follow up on my promise on Tuesday. What is the best method to impact your personal results?

The answer can be found in you. Yes, that’s right, You hold the power to change your thoughts and therefore change your results and performance overnight.

Just take these two pills – er no – no drugs, no magic, no magic bullet, no cult, no voodoo,  no eight years of therapy, no painful implants or anything like that.

Here is the three step method to improve your results and your performance – permanently.

Discipline Determines Your Success

In this day and age of fast paced gadgets and ADD marketing buzz, could it be that good old discipline really determines your level of success? Could Discipline be the real bottom-line for Success – period?

My believe is that discipline is the key determinant to mine and your level of success. There are several reasons that discipline is the master key to your success.

June is Effective Communication Month

Yes, June is the official month for Effective Communication. So why dedicate a whole month to effective communication? Based upon my experiences I can vote for a yearly promotion for effective communication.

“Effective communication is all about delivering the same message you send to the receiver. Now that seems as simple as simple can be, yet, it appears to be the hardest exercise around.”

Lack of effective communication destroys productivity and in most cases performance drops because of a lack of understanding regarding outcomes. Communication is an essential skill set for everyone, not just leaders. Therefore, everyone is impacted by poor or ineffective communication.

There are numerous things you can do to improve the effectiveness of your communication. One method is to take a proven workshop devoted to helping people improve their communication with others. This is our number one workshop because every group or team in a company can benefit from improved communication skills.

People skill is ALL ABOUT effective communication. Knowing your style, easily recognizing the style of others and flexing your messages so they understand – the first time – and effective communication is known as having great People Skills.

To learn more about improving your communication skills go to the website dedicated to Effective Communication for Results or the speaker site  – ECRguy – to learn more about doing something effective during the month of June. Two workshops are available during the month of June. And, a private session can be held for your team – from executives to sales to customer service to R&D to finance to everyone. Communication is the greatest skill a person can possess.