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Six Ways to Build Innovation in Your Business

In order to have innovation in our professional or personal lives, we must intentionally build habits into our days that make innovation ripe for the pickin’.

Here are 6 Ways to build innovation in your business:

  1. Ask questions: Either out loud to others or at least to yourself quietly.   Be curious!

Everyone Is Doing It is NOT a Good Decision Choice

Many times I hear someone say: “Everyone is Doing it!” as the reason for a poor choice or decision. Have you ever heard of the story about the “Thundering Herd.”

Seems that herds of buffalo – as well as other species – group together and start running in the same direction. This herd or group are all together, heading in the same direction and seem to have a sense of urgency. There is just one issue and it can be a major one. No one seems to know why or who choose the direction they are running in. In fact, often it’s a cliff. And surprise, a drop off a cliff can kill you. Which is the fate of many of the best and largest groups or  “Thundering Herds!”

My belief is individuals are unique. The major thing that separates us from these animals in the thundering herds is our brain and the ability to think for ourselves. When we let others think for us, they take control of our life and our fate. This is not a path that I take lightly. My coaching clients get a steady dose of taking responsibility for their thoughts  and decisions.

Examine your choices, think about the possible consequences (include taking no action in your analysis) and make a choice based upon the best or optimal solution to the issue. It is your responsibility to make your own decisions. The choice made because “everyone else is doing it!” is a common mistake made by people.

Group think or the thundering herd can make choices based upon the urgency of the moment, rather than a unique purpose or goal. There is another consequence for the followers of the group choice – it may not be in your personal best interest to participate. Just like running off the cliff, I have seen people get into trouble with the IRS; lose their life savings; invest in poor quality investments; or as simple as hiring someone who is a total mismatch to a job – just because others said they would be great!

Take the time to think about your choices and make decisions based upon the outcomes that make sense to you. Avoid following other’s selection unless they can communicate the purpose (and it is okay to review their choice) and you will not fall off the cliff.