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Six Quick Steps to Achieving Your Goals

First, I am assuming you are a goal seeker rather than a problem solver. However, if you are a problem solver just change the wording found in the six steps to match a problem solving strategy.

Now, I realize what I just said has caught a few of you goal oriented people by surprise. And, I can imagine some of you are thinking I must be nuts since everyone knows about and wants to achieve goals.

Well, my forward thinking group of goal seekers welcome to the real world of preferences. About half the population is all about moving away from problems rather than towards an objective or goal. (Managers please pay close attention to this if you want to make ALL your team members successful.) People who move away from problems are great at solving issues the goal seekers have difficulty dealing with – another example of matching the people (goal or problem solver) to the requirements of jobs, tasks or projects.

In any event, there are six quick steps to achieving your goal or solving your problems (problem solvers please just rewrite the steps in terms acceptable to you.).

Do You Know Your Core Values?

There is a lot of discussion about core values.  In essence, they are principles that should govern the way we live our lives, run our corporations, and live inside of our families and communities.  Our core values should be non-negotiable.  Most people recognize this need for identification of their core values, even if they are not written down.  Harder still is to continue to live by them.

Do you know your personal core values?

If not, begin now to think about them.


Ambition: Is it a Good Word or a Bad Word?

Today I was reflecting on the woes of a neighbor of mine.  His life seems happy enough, but very lackadaisical in a well-intentioned way.  Well… probably not “intentioned” at all.  He just goes where the wind blows him.  No real direction, no real goals.  No real success, but no real failures either.  And then I put a definition to it; he has no ambition.

Know Your 2011 Goals? If not you, who?

If you haven’t already defined your goals for 2011, time is running out.  Remember… you cannot hit a target that you don’t have!

Rather than look only at the traditional SMART goals, take it a few steps further.

First… determine your core values and what is important to you.   Instead of re-listing the same goals as you have each year, determine what areas of your life really need focus and improvement.


Do we really think we can multi-task?  Studies are now showing that it is not as effective as we once thought.  Yes, there are things we can accomplish by multi-tasking, but they must be very mundane things.  You might listen to a training recording while opening and sorting junk mail.  But if either task requires your undivided attention to complete, no multi-tasking allowed.

What you can do to accomplish more:

The Pygmalion Effect at Work

Are You Setting Your Team UP for Success?

It is no accident that good leaders have the highest performing departments.  Good teams are not happenstance.  Rather, good leaders build good teams.  Even better…great leaders build great teams.

High-performance employees work for high-expectation managers!  That’s right; the higher expectation a boss has of his workers, the higher the performance of his/her staff.  The Pygmalion Effect is an age-old phenomenon in which it is shown that our performance is that of a self-fulfilling prophecy.  If a boss considers his employees to be smart and productive, that is almost always the type of performance the boss will witness.  If a boss believes his employees to be lazy and non-committal at work, this is the performance that will almost always be present in his workers.  Employees will live “up to” or “down to” your expectations.

Top Five Reasons Goals Fail

As the new year approached, I pulled out my list of goals from the previous year and began my review of goal achievement. My question to you is – How Did You Do in Achieving Goals?

As I reviewed what I had done in goal achievement, I reflected on the number of reasons people have told me they did not achieve their goals. The list is short, yet, the variations are long and unique to each individual – so here are the top five reasons goals fail…

Stress Can be a Positive Thing

Every time I tell a coaching client that stress can be a positive thing, I get strange looks from my client. Then we discuss the meaning of the statement and they usually agree that stress is a positive thing.

Okay, so you have not moved from the dark side. Still believing that all stress is negative? Ah, grasshopper, listen and learn.

How does stress move from the dark side of negative thinking to becoming a positive good thing to have around? It’s really quite simple. When you have goals and deadlines for the goals – that you want and your established. That’s how. Goal directed stress is a positive enforcement of personal accountability. It is the need to accomplish your goal with no excuses allowed.

Practice the art of thinking about what you want in life. Then, set goals – with deadlines – and begin the process of achievement. It feels great to accomplish things and gives you the confidence necessary to set higher goals that get you to the next level of success. All the things that you want out of life can be achieved – one step at a time.

If you are not certain about how to set and achieve goals, then check into our “Phoenix Seminar.” This three day personal development journey is made for those who want more out of life. It takes courage to attend this three day workshop as you will learn techniques and skills for taking back control of your life and achieving at a higher level than you thought you could. Go to our Phoenix Seminar website to learn more, watch a couple of videos, and then make a decision to take back control of your life today.

Are You Going Through the Motions or Focusing on Objectives?

I have to ask you this serious question: Are You Going Through the Motions or Focusing on Your Objectives? I realized this past weekend how easy it is to forgot or overlook the real objectives in any situation.

Okay, so what happened to allow for this realization? This past weekend I was entertaining myself by playing a computer game on my computer. Since computer games are really designed for you to win – if you follow the correct game strategy and stay true to the objectives.

This is why the great “ah-ha” happened. I realized I was focusing on the activities of moving cards, rather than the objective of “turning” the cards. Now that may seem like a small difference – yet, the change in results were significant. So I began to expand my thinking regarding the “right” focus in several areas of our business. Again, the ideas and information flowed into focus.

I need to do more focusing on objectives rather than just going through the motions of past practices!

The trap of going through the motions of past practices is around us everyday. We must make choices to excel in life and business. Our choices are not difficult in most cases – just relate your choices to your overarching goals and objectives.