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National Business Etiquette Week is June 7th through 13th

Career success many times hinges on professional etiquette and poise.  A variety of behavior and habits encompass business etiquette.   This can range from handshakes to conversation style; phone etiquette to casual dress; body language to alcohol at company gatherings; office décor to water cooler gossip.

This week we will look at a number of office “do’s and don’ts” in detail.  To set the stage we can begin with general business etiquette guidelines.

  • Remember to make eye contact when being introduced or speaking to someone
  • Always offer a handshake
  • Be respectful of people’s personal space
  • Pay attention and use modeling  (when in Rome…)
  • Make a note to remember someone’s name.  A sure-fire method to engage your memory is to repeat the person’s name back to them in conversation.
  • Be genuinely interested in others
  • Exercise caution with alcohol
  • Exercise good judgment with your attire

Remember… careers can be built or destroyed on business etiquette, manners, poise, and good (or bad) judgment.