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Great Managers Know How to Lead and Inspire

So much good information can be gleaned from the leadership book, “First Break all the Rules.”   But it is never too late to revisit the main ingredients of the best managers.

Best managers have these things in common:

  • Reject conventional wisdom
  • Treat every employee as an individual
  • Never try to fix weaknesses.  Instead they focus on strengths and talents.
  • Know their people are watching every move they make

Remember that managers do need to be able to “manage”.  But the best managers know even better how to lead and inspire

Employee Dis-Engagement Costs What????

$350 Billion a Year

Yes, the cost of employee dis-engagement is very expensive!

A few years ago, my company surveyed employees using the tenants of First, Break All the Rules.   A great amount of meaningful information was gleaned from the survey.   How employees answered the questions directly tied back to the high-performing employees as well as high-performing work teams.   Likewise, unfavorable answers to the survey had a direct tie to low-performing work teams.