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Workplace Motivators Tell the “WHY” We Do Things

Using assessments in business is still important since it is the only true source for objectivity in understanding people. Since people are the key source for performance, productivity and results, it is important to know “WHY” each person does the things they do.

Some people believe they only need a behavioral assessment to answer all the questions on people issues. My answer to this – DISC only gives you the “HOW” a person does things. Since it is behavioral based the broadcast media that people use to communicate, listen, walk, talk, etc.

Workplace Motivators on the other hand get into the reasons “WHY” a person makes decisions the way they do. It answers the question about what they value and what they devalue – showing the sources of passion or indifference.

Identifying the source of passion or what is valued will tell a manager why a person prefers a certain type of job or why they make decisions or what positions they prefer due to the rewards of a particular position.

An example of these Workplace Motivator showing high performance can be traced to outside sales positions. In research of top performers in sales in the United States and Europe, we found that 93% of the top performers in the US and Europe had a certain Workplace Motivator as the number one or number two driver. This driver was the need to get a return on everything they did. It sounds logical, yet, every day sales people are hired who do not possess a passion for a return on everything they do. This are the same people who later de-hired by their sales managers due to a lack of results!

What are you doing in the hiring process or the evaluation of performance process that involves Workplace Motivators? If the answer is nothing, then you are risking your job. Excellent executives understand the value of objectivity in decision making and understanding what makes people tick. People skills is the main issue for success or lack of success. Assessments are the key component for finding the objectivity needed in a subjective area – such as people.

Want to know more about Workplace Motivators? First, go to our assessment site and read about Workplace Motivators and then download a sample report to review what is identified. Now one thing about a sample, it will not be as meaningful since it is not about you or someone you know. But it will provide a glimpse into the information format.

Next contact or call me to discuss how to use Workplace Motivators in your group, team, or organization. You will benefit in several ways using these assessment tools and we need to discuss exactly how they can help you. Call me at 901-757-4434 and we can discuss how to make you more productive and effective with people skills.

Assess Your Talent to Understand Their True Potential

This is the third step of the five part Leadership Development Process. The third step is to Assess Your Identified Talent. The assessment process will provide you with objective data and understanding of your current talent. This includes both the current level of performance and the potential for growth and improvement.

There are four methods of assessing your talent. All four should be utilized for leadership talent assessing. Each method is used for specific information. Here are the four methods for Assessing Your Leadership Talent:

  1. Interview – This method is used to find out specific answers to a list of predetermined questions related to the potential leader’s accomplishments and personal ambition. Some of the information to undercover includes what workshops or developmental education have they taken? Do they want to move into a higher level of responsibility? Do they want to work more with people than task or develop people more than do the job? Are they comfortable stretching their goals or multi-tasking within important projects?