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EQ – Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Recent research from the University of Haifa reported that employees who have high levels of emotional intelligence are not only more dedicated at work, but also have a higher satisfaction level. The study also proved what business owners and Human Resource managers have always known… employees with higher levels of emotional intelligence are assets to the organization.

“I believe it will not be long before emotional intelligence is incorporated in employee screening and training processes and in employee assessment and promotion decisions.” – Dr. Galit Meisler

What Can Enhanced Leadership Energy Do For You?

Greater Emotional Intelligence (EQ) enhances one’s life immensely. Our bodies and minds are energy systems. Have you ever walked into a room of people and felt hostility immediately? That’s energy. Have you been in the presence of someone who immediately makes you feel a strong sense of peace and serenity? That is energy. Have you walked into an empty room and felt peace? That’s lingering energy. What about an empty room that feels hostile? That is also lingering energy.

Let’s define EQ. Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand emotions, particularly one’s own emotions. “Know thyself”, proclaims the ancient Greek aphorism. Self-awareness and self-regulation are the first two tenets of EQ.

Some of the benefits of Higher Emotional Intelligence:

What is Your Energy Leadership Level?


Good leadership skills are available to everyone and the leadership style we adopt is a choice. This choice can even be made day-by-day, depending on our own energy level and the “fuel” we use in our lives through meaningful relationships, rest and relaxation, personal development, spirituality, and personal growth.