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The Third Sales Myth and Truth

The Third Sales Myth concerns the role of enthusiasm in successful selling.  In the old traditional school, sales people were taught to be enthusiastic and customers would buy.  Today, research has shown that a high percentage of buyers are mistrustful of enthusiastic salespeople.  They label them as shallow and self-serving!

These type of sale people usually have no knowledge of the customer or their needs, systems, processes or even the customer’s customers. There is little substance on the part of the sales person other than the stated – “Trust Me!” The customer feels left out of the process, has wasted their time with someone that has no idea regarding how to help the customer, and little creativity or problem solving is displayed.

The Truth shows a sales person’s self confidence has a more positive impact on both the salesperson and customer.  Why?  Self confidence is derived from a combination of self-mastery, knowledge, experience and trust in one’s own ability.  Research shows that buyers have more trust in people who exhibit high levels of self-confidence (not ego!).

The interesting part about the confidence level is an introverted sales person can demonstrate the self-confidence that customers want over the extrovert. This has confused some sales managers or executives that believe that all sales people have to be extroverts. Wrong again. Introverts with certain strong motivators can win more sales, customers and business than extroverts. The selection process uncovers these key traits for successful selling.

While enthusiasm is helpful in some cases, confidence is a bigger factor regarding success. And, people who are optimistic can be more successful in the selling environment than people who are pessimistic or negative. Learn how to pick the winners from the candidates and insure your success in the marketplace.