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It’s Time for Reason AND Fairness

Yes, it is time for reason and fairness in our world of business. No, I’m not a socialist as I have owned my own business since 1983 and profits are a good thing. However, as a business person, I am getting tired of all the unnecessary fees and add-ons that come my way. I really call this being tricky or just plain old greedy. Others call it creative revenue streams! Well, unless there is a value added reason – I still call it greed.

As our leaders begin to think of ways to stimulate the economy, I believe that one of the fastest ways to get us back on track is for revenues generated equal effort placed in getting this revenue. The more effort (and that includes thinking and creativity) the more one can rightfully charge.

This is just one man’s personal opinion about correcting the unnecessary greed that has taking place in the USA. I recently spent some time in Tokyo, Japan and learned a few things about the 2nd largest economy in the world.

First, there is no tipping in Japan. The price is the price. In the US, after you get your food bill – you are “expected” to add another 20% after tax! Interesting. No matter what the level of service was during your visit. The other thing that I was amazed to find – the Japanese retail environment was noteworthy. When you entered the store, you were greeted by smartly dressed men and women – who were smiling and excited you chose their store. Service was off the charts, as clerks were available to answer your questions, guide you to the right locations, as well as show you how things worked. Again, with real smiles! And, they were not pushy, they truly understood what service was all about – helping the customer.

We need to take inventory of current practices and determine if they are fair to the customer. All to often we can say this is true. Put the customer back at the top of the pyramid and the economy will again click into gear – big time. Take a moment and assess your companies pricing and customer practices. Are they fair and benefit the customer’s experience? Be honest to yourself and make a difference.