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Stages of Leadership: Applicability and Connectivity

Stage Two of Four

All businesses have a need for interconnectedness.  Executives have a need to understand how various business processes are inter-related.  In addition to inter-relatedness inside the processes of the company itself, executives must be able to relate content, strategy, and reasoning with regard to global interactions, technological advances, societal expectations, as well as politics.

Five Overlooked Leadership Skills

Five Overlooked Leadership Skills….

ssshhhhh… they’re the silent skills

Much has been written about leadership skills… what they are, how to develop them, which skills stand out, etc.  Many of the same skills show up on most lists.  A few often un-touted leadership skills are also very important to a leader’s success; and a leader’s success means success for the group!  These skills are quiet leadership skills that don’t usually bid well at the boardroom table or in the frenzy of a stock market dip.