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Executive Inter-dependency

High performance managers realize that they cannot do everything alone; therefore they reach out to others for collaboration.  Great leaders match people with the jobs that match their individual skills.  Excellent leaders hire people who are smarter than they are.  A confident leader does not feel threatened by smart people.

Success and Confidence

The third element of the C’s of Success Series is Confidence.

Confidence is a term that is used a great deal and yet seems to be misunderstood when it comes to execution at both the personal and organizational levels. Let’s take a look at this key term and see what it means to us.

What is Confidence?

Becoming a Sales Superstar – Step 10 – Confidence

This is the final step in becoming a sales superstar. Actually, the real question is: “Is Confidence really the First step rather than tenth?” There are several reason for Confidence being the first step and like wise there are several reasons it is the tenth. No matter which side of the debate you are on – Confidence is the lead element in your ultimate success.

Leaders Must Show Confidence in Their People

Leaders to be effective as leaders must show confidence in their people. This is a wide ranging factor having a direct relationship to success. These leaders show and share their confidence. They show their confidence in their abilities and decisions. And they share and show their confidence in their people.

So how does a leader share and show confidence in their people? First, there is a mental law called the Law of Expectations. This law states that whatever is expected will be delivered. While this is a difficult thing for some people to get their minds around, it happens everyday in real life situations. Unfortunately, this law works two ways – positive or negative. It is important to focus upon the results we want by using positive thoughts supported by a strong belief, then the desired result will happen.

A positive thought supported by a weak or conflicting belief will hinder the people involved in gaining a positive result. The lack of a belief is the same as having a negative belief and must be watched in both our talk and thoughts.

True confidence is shown as support and TRUST in our people. A true leader will show this confidence to their team on a regular and consistent basis. One method used is to tell individuals – “I believe in You.” This simple statement goes to the heart of the individual and usually drives a desire to perform well.

Another method to use is to ask others about their opinions and thoughts on issues that are important and then listen to their response, asking questions for clarity and thanking them for sharing. Again, this simple action shows trust in the person or group. Trust goes a long way to gaining confidence and delivering in their personal performance.

Show your confidence and support your teams using trust and confidence in their performance to get excellent results. If you need coaching or support in personal leadership you can contact us at 901-757-4434.

Confidence is based on Your Beliefs

Yes, Confidence is based upon your Beliefs. So what beliefs are you carrying with you? Do your beliefs help or hinder your performance? How much confidence do you show through your personal actions? The important thing for everyone to remember is that your beliefs heavily influence your actions and the actions of others.

Why are beliefs so important? Well, it is beliefs that create our attitudes which in turn impact our behaviors thereby creating our results or performance. We then have the results validate our beliefs and the “beat goes on!” Using this information it becomes clear that our actions and results are directly related to our inner beliefs. The question then becomes – “Are Your Beliefs Helping You or Hurting You?”

This past weekend I saw two things that stood out as strong belief issues. First, a football game whereby a freshman quarterback was having all kinds of problems during the first half. Yet, his coach never panicked or attacked the young quarterback about his mistakes. In fact, the coach remained calm and told the young player that he still believed in him and expected him to do well in the second half. In fact, he told the team that the young player would lead the team to victory. A very strong statement based upon the four touchdown lead by the opposition!

Well, the young quarterback did lead the team to victory with a record comeback in the second half. After the game he told reporters that he was impressed that his coach remained calm and told him that he would help him win the game. He then stated – it was important that he believed in me. I really want to play and win for my coach.” WOW! The coach was a real leader and expected the young player to turn around his performance AND HE DID.

The second time I heard the validation of beliefs impacting results was a TV show that had a “Biggest Loser” discussing his personal results concerning weight loss. He had lost a hugh amount of weight and looked outstanding. Then he gained about 50 lbs back and was not happy about it. He realized that his belief structure was impacting his success at health. He still believed that he was a fat man! His subconscious beliefs lead him down the wrong path to increased weight. For him to succeed regarding his health, he will need to change these deep seated beliefs.

The thing you need to know is that you can take back control of your live. You can learn methods to control and re-program those old beliefs. Then you can create the new results THAT YOU WANT. No longer do you have to feel bad or be frustrated with your results. We are in a new world of change so lead the pack and make it happen for you.

If you want to learn how to take back control of your life today. Contact Robin at our offices – 901.757.4434. She can assist you in taking control of your life.