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Getting the Officials to Close the Deal Now.

The fourth strategy is to get the officials to call the game early and close the deal now. Using a football game analogy, this is the same strategy that football teams take to kill the clock by having the quarterback take a knee and have the clock expire. Another analogy is the 10-run rule in softball whereby the official calls the game over since one team is leading by more than 10 runs after a certain number of innings have been played.

Using the Same Plan to Close the Sale

The second strategy for the sales person who is ahead in the sales process is to continue to use the same game plan that got them to this point – all the way to the end. In fact, this plan will work most of the time unless the sales person gets too aggressive with certain people in the customer’s organization. Aggressive or assertive styles will get you ahead in many situations, this style will become too risky in the end game of selling.

The key for a sales person’s success is to continue to focus on the goal of the customer winning. This focus on the customer rather than on you – will allow for continuity of actions. These actions should always be focused on the customer’s  improvement and growth. Focus and clarity of actions will keep you error-free during the end game of the sales process.

Closing the Sale When You Lead – Do Nothing Strategy

You are ahead in the sales game. The first strategy is to do nothing. Here the sales person is counting on the system to take care of him or her. This is a high risk approach that assumes your competition will take no action to overtake you. This is what we call an errant assumption. Meaning that incorrect assumptions lead to all bad decisions.

Your competition will be working harder than ever to find any opening to delay the decision, or reopen the sales process with new specifications, new information, or new situations that will change the playing field dynamics.

Losing sales people use the “do nothing” strategy too often. This is a passive approach is caused by several factors. One, they have low self-esteem and sometimes feel they are unworthy of success. They actually feel the only reason they are in front is luck! And since they believe in bad luck, they are now waiting for the proverbial “other shoe to fall” canceling the order.

The second reason is one of arrogance. This deadly attitude can cause a sale to fall apart at the last moment. When a sales person shows arrogance to either the competition or their customer, the ball is set in motion for an upset. When the customer senses this attitude, their trust level drops and uncertainty enters the game.

The most common tactic used by the customer when arrogance is recognized is the sudden stall in the sales process. The clearest signal is missed deadlines at critical closing milestones. Other people begin to enter the playing field for the sale, usually for the first time, and the sales person takes no action to meet these people or learn about any new issues or concerns. Then, someone else wins the sale!. It happens because the sales person lost focus at a critical juncture of the sales game.