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Success and Consideration

The sixth C in the twelve part series on success is Consideration.

Consideration is a very unique trait of the most successful people and organizations and probably the least understood. The unsuccessful have no understanding of the importance of this characteristic and have little understanding of its true value to success. If consideration is missing or limited, then you will find unhappy and unresponsive people working with you or around you. The true indicator of the degree of consideration being used is the number of people who actually WANT to work or be with you.

What is Consideration?

The Power of Shared Interest on Relationships

The past two days we spent time in Baton Rouge and discovered an interesting thing about relationships – even with complete strangers! The event was the Bayou Bash and the common link was LSU football. (You will remember that I used college football analogies in my B2B sales book – Three Games of Selling.)

We met several people who took us into their network of people – just because we have a common interest in the LSU football team. Instant friendships and bonding took place. Information and stories were shared and the bond of friendship became strong.

Now, in the world of business, image how great it would be if people would find a common interest (like helping each other). Sharing of information in an open and honest fashion would open doors that currently seem unopenable and locked. With this freedom of information flow, ideas and solutions to issues would have an opportunity to grow.

There are some organizations or really – people within the organizations – that find this approach to be exciting and productive. So, when confronted with an opportunity to develop a new relationship – find a common link of interest and discuss it. You will find out if a true relationship can be developed during this short exchange. If you feel comfortable, then open up about your issues and ask for suggestions. Your life may change for the better.

Your Key to Success is about Relationships

Your ability to create, maintain and keep relationships with others is your key to success. In all areas of life, it is the strength of relationships has a direct bearing on your success – however you define success. There are different types of relationships – business, professional, social, family, customer, peer and boss. How good are your relationships in all these categories?

Make a list of the different types of relationships and rank them on a scale of one to five. One being the weakest and five being the ultimate relationship. After you have scored each category then look for patterns. What areas do you excel in? Which areas are you weak?

What is the Purpose of Marketing?

This question seems to lead to the holy grail of answers. In fact, I have heard so many answers regarding what is the purpose of marketing, that I thought it is now my turn. Okay, here is my definition of the purpose of marketing:

To be on the Mind of the Prospect or Customer when the Prospect is ready to buy!

I believe that being top of mind when the customer/prospect is ready to take action is the most important thing we can do. To execute a marketing campaign that keeps us on the mind of a prospect is the goal of successful organizations.

So why is a marketing campaign important? One word – Relationship! We must develop a good relationship with the prospect so they will acknowledge us and our solution at the time of taking action. To often, we use a hit and miss strategy of touching our clients, customers and prospects. Or worst, we only contact them when we are trying to sell them something. This is an old school mindset and no longer works with today’s customers and prospects.

So what is the best method? To show our experience and expertise in solving problems that the prospect or customer can relate to for their peace of mind. The key for success in Marketing Campaigns is to develop TRUST. Trust plus the shown ability to solve their problems ensures their interest in you – at the exact moment they are ready to take action. So remember to use marketing campaigns that share information, show successful case studies and “how-to” white papers. This builds the trust for a long term relationship.