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Your Mindset Impacts Your Performance

Quote from Frank Lloyd Wright

Recently I got this tweet from Brian Tracy and I enjoyed it for three reasons.

First, Brian Tracy is one of my mentors in life and business. I enjoyed learning about business and personal growth for Brian and his organization – Brian Tracy International (which was known as Productivity & Profit Improvement Associates during the majority of the time I was actively engaged with this group.). From Brian I learned the importance of reading and the importance of launching on your ideas. He is still a friend and a mentor today.

Can You Stay on Task? The 4 D’s Can Help

Author and motivational speaker, Brian Tracy, was at a conference many years ago and met Kop Kopmeyer, an expert in the field of success. Kopmeyer studied and researched the principles of success for more than fifty years. Tracy asked him, “Of the 1,000 success principles you discovered, what is the most important?” Without hesitation Kopmeyer replied, “Do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.”

Wow! Here are my 4 D’s to Success:

Has Trust Been Lost in Your Working Relationships?

Why it is Important to Build and Rebuild Trust

As noted in earlier blogs, trust is paramount to healthy working relationships, effective communication, increased productivity, and YES… a healthy bottom-line!

Conflict is a natural part of our human existence.  Differing opinions, values, and habits make conflict inevitable.   The importance of resolving conflict while maintaining trust cannot be overstated.  Eight ways to minimize the conflict that destroys trust or to rebuild trust once it has been damaged are shown below:

How to Use the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

My first introduction to The Law of Attraction was in 1992 when I attended The Phoenix Seminar (on the Psychology of Achievement) by Brian Tracy.  Since that time, I have heard many speakers and read many articles about this important law; however, my most heartfelt gratitude will always be first and foremost to Brian.

Brian Tracy teaches, “You will always attract, positive or negative, people and circumstances that are in harmony with your dominant thoughts.”  Simply put, this means that people, circumstances, and events manifest in our physical world from the main themes we mull around in our brains.  Ouch!   For many of us, this could be scary!