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Commitment is Meaningless without Belief

Recently, I was in a discussion with an executive about the lack of commitment he felt was present in his staff. As we continued the discussion it became very evident that he was in the middle of a major change initiative within his group and it was not working well. As we continued our discussion one key factor became evident – he really didn’t believe it would work.

So, I visited with several of his key people and discussed the new initiative. Again, on the surface, everyone stated they were committed to the initiative however they felt two things. First, they felt their leader was not sincere since he continually did things that did not help their move forward. Second, they did not really feel it would work for various reasons.

Therefore, the initiative was doomed from the beginning. There appeared to be commitment, yet, few really believed in the success of the initiative. Thus, Commitment is Meaningless without Belief!

So what really happened? The Commitment was Meaningless without Belief. Here is what we found out…

Emotional Intelligence and Coaching

Just spent a couple of hours listening to the authors of Emotional Intelligence Coaching – Improving performance for leaders, coaches and the individual. This is really good information. If you get a chance get the book and read it. It is full of very valuable information and provides a toolbox for implementing the process in your organization.

Some of the basic concepts contained in this outstanding book include information on how the brain actually works. It explains what happens when stress overrides the logically mind and the emotional or reptilian brain takes over our decision making process.

After connecting the dots on the mechanics of the brain, the authors then take on emotional intelligence -or the ability to remain calm dealing very stressful environments so you make better decisions. Better decisions lead to better or more effective leadership skills.

Now Robin had time to visit with the authors about a key determining factor of one’s performance – your subconscious beliefs. They were very impressed and want to discuss more about the process she uses with her clients to reprogram the subconscious mind for more effective performance.

If you are interested in her process, go to her blog – and read about some of the life changing power she uses with her client. Enjoy the research. Then, if you want more information, please call her at 901-757-4434.

Three Reasons They Don’t Buy or Buy-In

Whether you are in sales, managing a project or leading a group of people, there are three reasons why people don’t buy what you’re selling or offering. When you look at these reasons, it is obvious and simple regarding what it will take to get them to buy from you.

Okay, let’s look at the three reasons people don’t buy what you’re selling or offering:

  1. They Don’t Want it – They simply don’t want what you have to offer at that moment in time. It’s not personal, they are just not buying in because it is not important to them.
  2. They Don’t Have the Money or Investment in Time and Effort – They simply can’t afford to invest in your offering – be it a sale or a project. In many cases, it is the lack of available time to devote to entering a new project or direction.
  3. They Don’t Believe You – Now this is the tough one. When people don’t believe you, it shows a total lack of trust. This is the toughest issue to deal with since it feels personal rather than an objective feeling or truth.

So how do you deal with the three reasons listed above? Let’s take each one in more detail:

Knowing What to Do is Apart from Actually Doing It

Here is some valuable information:

“Knowing What to Do is Separate from Actually Doing It!”

I am continually amazed by comments from leaders of organizations who announce “my people know what to do.” And, then when asking questions about the outcomes and results – I get non answers or corporate speak. (Corporate speak is the sterile response to a tough question that contains no emotion, no action and no commitment.)

Why does this happen? Because the “knowing-doing” gap is in action or really inaction. The Knowing-Doing gap is a fatal condition that allows people with excellent information and knowledge to limit their actions or worse – take the incorrect actions.

I had a sales manager tell me that he was concerned about his team. They kept telling him – usually when they lost a potential sale or customer – they knew they did something wrong – even though they were trained to do it correctly. He told me that he was hearing this too often and he knew he had to take action or his team could fall short of their goals.

Confidence is based on Your Beliefs

Yes, Confidence is based upon your Beliefs. So what beliefs are you carrying with you? Do your beliefs help or hinder your performance? How much confidence do you show through your personal actions? The important thing for everyone to remember is that your beliefs heavily influence your actions and the actions of others.

Why are beliefs so important? Well, it is beliefs that create our attitudes which in turn impact our behaviors thereby creating our results or performance. We then have the results validate our beliefs and the “beat goes on!” Using this information it becomes clear that our actions and results are directly related to our inner beliefs. The question then becomes – “Are Your Beliefs Helping You or Hurting You?”

This past weekend I saw two things that stood out as strong belief issues. First, a football game whereby a freshman quarterback was having all kinds of problems during the first half. Yet, his coach never panicked or attacked the young quarterback about his mistakes. In fact, the coach remained calm and told the young player that he still believed in him and expected him to do well in the second half. In fact, he told the team that the young player would lead the team to victory. A very strong statement based upon the four touchdown lead by the opposition!

Well, the young quarterback did lead the team to victory with a record comeback in the second half. After the game he told reporters that he was impressed that his coach remained calm and told him that he would help him win the game. He then stated – it was important that he believed in me. I really want to play and win for my coach.” WOW! The coach was a real leader and expected the young player to turn around his performance AND HE DID.

The second time I heard the validation of beliefs impacting results was a TV show that had a “Biggest Loser” discussing his personal results concerning weight loss. He had lost a hugh amount of weight and looked outstanding. Then he gained about 50 lbs back and was not happy about it. He realized that his belief structure was impacting his success at health. He still believed that he was a fat man! His subconscious beliefs lead him down the wrong path to increased weight. For him to succeed regarding his health, he will need to change these deep seated beliefs.

The thing you need to know is that you can take back control of your live. You can learn methods to control and re-program those old beliefs. Then you can create the new results THAT YOU WANT. No longer do you have to feel bad or be frustrated with your results. We are in a new world of change so lead the pack and make it happen for you.

If you want to learn how to take back control of your life today. Contact Robin at our offices – 901.757.4434. She can assist you in taking control of your life.

Choices and Beliefs – A Day of Reckoning

Well, today is the day of reckoning for everyone making a choice about the future of the United States. This is the day that we find out about the beliefs of people across the country – it’s called a Presidential Election. It is all about the beliefs and emotions of each individual and the choices they make about the future.

There may be some people who actually believe that logic is the key to the vote. Well, Not So Fast My Friend! There is a fact that you are missing – All Decisions Are 100 % Emotional and we use logic to justify our choice. Sales people know this fact and the successful ones use this to get more positive votes in the form of sales. Yet, to my surprise most people do not understand this facet of how choices are made.

Choices are made not using logical explanations. Choices are made based upon our Emotional Beliefs. Beliefs are the underpinnings of everything we do. Our choices are heavily impacted by our beliefs and our belief structure. In fact, our beliefs are the starting point for everything we do or don’t do!

Beliefs are the driving creator of our attitude about life and everything our life touches. Then our attitudes affect the quality of our behavior regarding what we are doing. This behavior drives or creates our results or performance. Then we use the results or performance to validate our beliefs. An ongoing circle is created and continues until “we” or “you” change something within.

Now for the hard part – for any change to be permanent we have to change an inner belief. This fact is exposed by a number of research projects on performance and the personal development gurus have uncovered this by calling them – self limiting beliefs. Yes, self limiting beliefs are the cause of poor or erratic performance.

There are repeated exercises to change results or performance through the use of behavioral training or attitude adjustments. While these techniques can create some change in results – it is usually just a temporary solution. Once the belief is challenged, the belief overrides the process and you are back to the previous result or performance.

So, how do you change beliefs to get better or faster results? You must first work on the subconscious belief structure that you have. There are methods and techniques that can uncover and verify their importance – but you must know how to use them properly. Robin Graham teaches one such method that ensures that each individual can take charge of their lives but eliminating unwanted or old scripts that were planted by others who influenced our developmental years.

To learn more about how to take back control of your life and your thoughts either call our offices at 901-757-4434 and ask for Robin. You can also go to a website that explains the business application of this process – Getting Results Faster. Leave us a comment about this article. Thanks.