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Four Ways to Deal with Failure

I know I usually read about good positive information and it will be positive – just read on.

As I reviewed the Phoenix Seminar for its Online debut, I remembered how many people have shared their failures in life or business or with others. Yet, most learned how to change their perception of dealing with failure after the Phoenix Seminar.

One of the keys to dealing with or coping with failure is to learn the Four Ways of Dealing with Failure…

Increase Productivity – You Stop Multi-Tasking

GEEZ! It is amazing to hear how often smart business people exclaim about how great they are at multi-tasking. And, in the same breathe state how much they are getting done. Are You Kidding Me?

If you are an acclaimed multi-tasking individual I only have one question for you…

Are You Regularly Achieving Your Goals? Are You Producing High Value Outcomes?

Okay, I cheated – there were two questions. However, more importantly, how did you answer these two questions?

Most people I coach (therefore I really know how well they are performing) truly believe multi-tasking is the only way they can operate within their organization. Therefore, they spend an typical day going back and forth working on as many projects, tasks and activities as they can. Major mistake!

There are several reasons why people believe in multi-tasking and here are a few of the reasons stated most often…

Key to Social Media Success is Engagement

Okay, today I’m sharing the real key to success in using all the social media available to you. Many small business owners and corporate leaders keep asking me about the value of social media.

The main reason you should be established on the social media circuits is – if you sell to Gen Y, some Gen X, and have these types taking over for your previous boomer contacts and decision makers. The truth is over 90% of the Gen Y individuals are digital. Yes, that is over 90%, so what is your strategy for reaching these people?

I have to admit I was a causal user of the social media for the first year or two. Then I found it was important to have a footprint in the social media. Yet, a footprint is not a silver bullet for future success.

Oh, yes, one very important thing to remember – no selling, presentations or sales speak is acceptable to this social media crowd. Information presented as tips or links to informational articles or web pages is the proper thing to do with the social media crowd. They like information with no old school selling techniques or tactics.

Having Government Contracts and Using Assessments?

The only reason to read this insights advice today is if you answer this question with a positive “yes” response. The question is simply…

Do You Currently Have Government Contracts AND Use Assessments within Your Organization?

When answering yes, you have placed a target upon your back regarding an EEOC agency ruling known in the industry as the “Adverse Impact” ruling.

You may be thinking – well this is something for HR or our Labor Attorney. As the say in the world of sports – Not So Fast My Friend!” This is a law or ruling which can cause you significant financial fines. Just ask 3M which just paid a $12 million fine because they could not prove compliance with this rule. Now, in my book a $12 million fine is a significant risk if you have no knowledge about this rule. Yet, it only counts if you are selling to a government institution or agency (including the military).

When Budgeting or Planning the Future – Check the Numbers

I got reminded of this simple idea or concept by one of the Internet marketing guru’s who shared some of his valuable knowledge regarding how to create your future. And, one of the key components in his discussions was the importance of making the numbers talk to you – in advance.

What a simple concept. As I reflected upon the importance of knowing your numbers, I recalled how I had used this simple technique when I moved to Memphis and opened my business without knowing any business leaders in town. Wow, this would be very scary today given the amount of security and technology used today.

However, the numbers were my main guide during the start up years. Knowing your numbers relative to all the critical processes was required for success.