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Success Habits- 5 Ways to Make Them Stick

In this post we frequently discuss success habits. Examples might be:

  • Practicing more kindness and compassion
  • Managing time more effectively
  • Determining our High Value Activities
  • Paying closer attention to Emotional Intelligence
  • Communicating more effectively
  • Developing character and integrity

There are many other opportunities to build Success Habits.  Just the list above can easily send someone into overwhelm.  But remember how to eat an elephant.

one bite at a time

Here are 5 ways to confidently work on your success skills:

1.     Pick something easy to begin with.  Then celebrate your accomplishment.

2.     Choose only a few areas of improvement in the beginning.  Don’t allow yourself to go into “overwhelm”.

3.     Choose the right accountability partners.  Someone who is firm-yet loving- to keep you on task.

4.     Be easy on yourself if you slip up.

5.     Practice makes perfect.  Keep at it!

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Judy W Bell

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