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Success Habits… What Successful People Practice

Guess what?   We all have the same 24 hours in a day.   And the same 7 days in a week.  And the same 365 days in one year.

So how do some people seem to be able to accomplish so much more in the same hours as the rest of us?   By doing the “right things” at the “right time.”  In other words, successful people know their High Value Activities as well as High Value and Low Value Time.  They work on HVAs in productive slots and LVAs in less productive time slots.

There are literally hundreds of Success Habits.  Let’s look at only a few:

25 Success Habits You Can Implement Today…

  1. Know the BIG picture
  2. Solution-oriented
  3. Know priorities
  4. Know their internal time-clock
  5. Collaboration
  6. Clarity
  7. Positive Reference Groups
  8. Look for the good
  9. Manage emotions
  10. Walk the talk
  11. Continuous improvement
  12. Lifelong learning
  13. Ethical decision-making
  14. Time for quiet reflection
  15. Set high standards for self
  16. Balance work/family/friends/community
  17. Make deposits into emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being accounts
  18. Talk less, say more
  19. Practice accountability
  20. Take responsibility
  21. Improve productivity
  22. Communicate openly and effectively
  23. Define and redefine core values
  24. Discipline and self-control
  25. Inspired and inspirational

Pick just one or two areas where you believe you need more growth.  Then devise a plan to strengthen in those areas.

Try it!

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Judy W Bell

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