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Spiritual Intelligence… Using Maslow’s Needs

Ian Marshall has done a great deal of work in studying Spiritual Intelligence and devised a “Scale of Motivation” to work along side Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Marshall contends that our “transformation process” must be aimed at adjusting our “motivations” FIRST to sustain any lasting effect.  Most change processes are aimed at altering behavior (habits).  Unless the motivation (cause) is addressed first, the behaviors (effects) will be short-lived.

Marshall’s Scale of Motivation:

Higher Needs:

Maslow’s Survival Applied with the Scale of Motivation:

Maslow’s Self-Esteem needs:

  • Exploration
  • Gregariousness and Cooperation
  • Power Within

Maslow’s Self-Actualization Needs:

  • Generativity
  • Mastery

Maslow’s Peak Experiences Needs:

  • Higher Service
  • World Soul
  • Enlightenment

Social Intelligence applied in the form of Marshall’s “Scale of Motivations” embraces the holistic means of transforming behavior through shifting belief systems.

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Judy W Bell

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