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So… You Want to Be a Good Corporate Citizen?

We have looked at the benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility. Going forward CSR will become even more important as consumers become more aware and more demanding of ethically focused corporations. There are already too many business providers to choose from, so an automatic culling factor will include tossing out any corporation, service provider, or retailer that is not socially responsible.

8 Easy to implement steps for implementing an effective CSR Culture:

  1. First and Foremost… Must have complete commitment from CEO and Board of Directors
  2. Make certain that this top commitment is communicated through the company before program is rolled out
  3. Must have: A formal CSR Policy
  4. Have a designated officer assigned to oversee the program, i.e. development of policy, communication, training, implementation, and oversight of program. Suggest a position titled CSR Officer.
  5. Establish a committee or focus group to include various stakeholders’ input
  6. Ensure that the program is monitored and audited for authenticity and compliance
  7. Have an anonymous hotline or suggestion system for stakeholders to report discrepancies or suggest additions/revisions/changes.
  8. Policy protection for whistleblowers. Otherwise the program will not operate effectively or in a transparent manner.

CSR makes good business sense! With consumer activism increasing, CSR will one day be business- as -usual in all successful companies.

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Judy W Bell

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