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Six Weapons of Influence

We have all heard of the power of persuasion.  Dr. Robert Cialdini has researched, tracked, recorded, and written about six universal principles of influence that he calls the Six Weapons of Influence.   These principles all lead to success when teeming up on human endeavors.

Six Weapons of Influence

  1. Reciprocity- people enjoy returning a favor or having a favor returned
  2. Commitment- if an action has been committed to in writing or in person, it is human nature to honor that agreement
  3. Social Proof- people will buy products or services or participate in activities that they see other people doing
  4. Authority- people tend to obey authority figures even if they are asked to perform objectionable or unethical acts
  5. Liking- People are easily persuaded by people they like. This principle is even further compounded by physical biases, i.e. physical attractiveness stereotypes.
  6. Scarcity- This is the Law of “Supply and Demand”.  The perception of scarcity will generate a greater demand.

Dr. Cialdini spent three years “undercover” in Corporate America by applying for jobs and spending time in training programs to observe real-life situations involving the activities of persuasion.

The universal weapons of influence are success habits worth noting.

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Judy W Bell

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