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Self-Actualization- The Mystic Experience and More

Following along our previous blog on Self-Actualization, Abraham Maslow outlined other characteristics of a self-actualized person:

  • The mystic experience– being in tune or at “one” with the world.  Can literally feel as if they are floating.
  • Feelings of “togetherness”- awareness and sensitivity to all mankind
  • Deep interpersonal relationships- profound and deep relationships with others
  • Insightful discrimination between means and ends- strong sense of right and wrong; good and bad.  Will not cross the line.
  • Philosophical sense of humor- enjoy humor; good natured yet serious
  • Creativity- highly creative and expressed in many dimensions (writing, speaking, painting, music, cooking, etc)
  • Transcendent of cultures- maintains a strong individuality, ability to objectively evaluate culture and relativity to its importance
  • Tolerant of imperfections- does not profess to be right or perfect.  Always willing to grow and learn.  Tolerant of the imperfection of others.

According to Dr. Kurt Goldstein, psychologist: Self-Actualization is a uniquely human need that separates humans from all other animals.

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Judy W Bell

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