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Resourcefulness: An Important Trait for A-Players

Top performers are often referred to as “A-Players” or “high potential employees”.  What sets these employees apart from the average employee?  They bring to your company:

  • Excellent work performance
  • Critical expertise and knowledge
  • High work ethic
  • Integrity in dealing with others
  • Leadership and collaboration skills
  • Strong business networks and external relationships
  • Strong interpersonal skills and Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • An inner drive to succeed
  • Passion
  • Resourcefulness

Resourcefulness is cited by many organizational development experts as one of the key traits of an A-Player.  This group easily solves problems.   When you couple the above competencies and then sprinkle in resourcefulness, there is nothing that can not be accomplished, solved, resolved, created, sold, invented, or purchased. Somehow… someway.

Simply put, resourcefulness is a critical Success Skill!

A-Players know how to:

  • Connect the dots
  • Collaborate
  • Utilize available resources
  • Find people necessary for the process or opportunity
  • Make decisions
  • Execute decisions
  • Analyze but not paralyze
  • Remove barriers
  • Look at problems as an opportunity to learn and re-invent
  • Make excellent lemon-aid

Have you identified you’re A-Players? In a future post we will look at ways to retain these Top Performers.

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Judy W Bell

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