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Reach Out and Touch Someone

In our fast-paced electronic world, things come at us pretty fast.   Most people are too busy to read every email (or any email) in-depth.  Most mailers received at home and at work look like junk mail and go straight in to File 13.

So how do you make a difference for someone in this fast-paced environment?    Make sure you are really “touching” people.   No, not necessarily in the physical sense, but in an emotionally rewarding way.

Some ways to enrich the lives of others…

  • Volunteer at your local literacy council
  • Volunteer at your local chamber
  • Serve as a docent at the local museum, gallery, or theatre
  • Donate used goods to local charities
  • Read to students at a local elementary school
  • Mentor a college student interested in business
  • Mentor a younger worker
  • Buy local; support local businesses
  • Make sure your life speaks to your values

Go ahead… reach out and touch someone.  Make it a lasting effect!

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Judy W Bell

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