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Post-Recession: Is Your Company Ready?

Corporate culture will be very important as we move out of the worst recession most of us have ever experienced. In all likelihood, the financial recovery will be slow… at best.

Employees and consumers (they are one in the same, in most cases) are going to want to work for companies and buy from companies who have a strong Corporate Social Responsibility.

Employees state that layoffs, reduced benefit packages, as well as reduced or stagnant compensation have all contributed to a heightened feeling of disengagement. What are some things a pro-active company can do to address this critical component of disengagement as the economy recovers?

Some ideas include:

  • Make sure you have strong and effective leaders in place
  • Build morale through pay-for-performance incentive plans
  • Incorporate strong training initiatives
  • Define company values through mission and vision statements
  • Ask for employee input as these statements are defined and adopted
  • Train to these values
  • Support creativity and new ideas
  • Recruit only the best and brightest for job openings as they occur

Is your company ready to meet the demands that the post-recession recovery will bring?

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Judy W Bell

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