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Pessimism: Does it Negatively Affect Your Health

A resounding YES!  Colleagues at the University of Pittsburgh conducted a study on pessimism and health and the findings support having a positive outlook on life.

Optimists have:

  • 9% less chance of developing heart disease
  • 14% less likely to die from any cause over the next 8 years
  • Less likely to have diabetes
  • Less likelihood of high cholesterol
  • Less likelihood of being overweight
  • Less likely to smoke
  • Less likely to develop cancer

Being a pessimist can ruin more than a fun day at the zoo.

If you’re still not convinced it is time to trade in the pessimism voice…

Optimists also:

Earn more money and report happier marriages…

“The best physician is also a philosopher.”

Aellus Galenus  AD 129
Greek Physician

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Judy W Bell

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